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@Home This Weekend: Belted Chair Seat

This weekend, fix up an old chair. Here’s a great idea from lunke13: use thrifted belts to weave a new seat! He just pulled each belt tight and buckled them up. Check out his post to see how the buckles were all featured on the back of the chair.  

Wear It This Weekend: Belt Pouch

Going holiday shopping but don’t want to carry a heavy purse in addition to all those shopping bags? How about putting your credit cards and cash in your belt! Stopmoshun has given us a tutorial on how to make a belt with a hidden pouch inside, perfect for just the essentials! You can see the […]

Ribbon Belts

If you’ve been wanting to make your own ribbon belts here are some great threads with tutorials: by cameras4toys by susank by kdritter And leave to Craftster members to even come up with a way to make the D-rings yourself! leentje came up with this idea of taking those Bollywood-style bangles, cutting them with wire […]