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Beach, Please

Time for some hot fun in the summertime; let’s all hit the beach! I absolutely love this embellished straw tote. It’s a little bit naughty and a whole lot of nice. classy broad used black letters and some fun trim from Michaels to create this go-to summer tote bag. Beach, please!   What to do […]

Tute Tuesday: Felt Jellyfish

Under the sea! Under the sea! There are cute jelly fish that sting under the sea! While most jellyfish can be deadly, this adorable little guy is safe for hugging. NLJ shares her tutorial for a Felt Jellyfish that is can be used, not only as a learning tool, but also a cuddly toy. If […]

Beach, Please!

It’s already August; where has the summer gone? I think it’s high time we all hit the beach! If you are heading to the shore, here’s the perfect tote bag to take along with you. classy broad embellished a plain tote with trim and the important message: “Beach, please”. Gotta love that sass. lancmaltby is […]

Shark Week, Post Deux

Shark week is too big to be only one post, sorry! But I did find too many cool shark posts to pass up. So on to part 2! We start off with a lovely shark plushy by jungrrl. I do not know how anyone makes such amazing small plushies, I try to sew a curve […]

Shark week is coming!

Do you know what’s coming up? Oh yes, SHARK WEEK! And in order to honor it, I think we need a round-up of shark posts! I also need to get my shark-themed party supplies out (even if it’s just me and my Little Visitor at the party!). I”m not sure if I’ll go all-out in […]

Life’s a Beach

I’ve heard it said that “life’s a beach”, and you know that’s not a bad thing! Summer is here and lots of folks will be hitting the shore this season. These beach-themed crafts are right on topic for summer. Although it looks like a photo of an idyllic beach scene, what you’re seeing on the […]

Good Day, Sunshine

Summertime, and the living is easy. Matter of fact, I’m writing this blog article from beautiful Pensacola Beach in Florida. Naturally, I’ve got sunshine on my mind. This bright sun looks like stained glass, but starlitex7 actually created it by cutting up empty tissue boxes! The “leading” between the pieces is dimensional paint. So clever! […]

At The Beach

Don’t hate me, but I’m writing this article from a lovely rental vacation house at Ocean Isle beach. Of course, the beach is on my mind, so this week I’ve found for you a nice collection of summer goodness.  Protect yourself from the sun with a lovely retro sunhat. AlwaysInspired included a very good tutorial […]

August 7th is National Lighthouse Day

Could there be a better way to celebrate Lighthouse Day than with an amazing, awesome, gorgeous lighthouse stained glass window in your shower? I don’t think so, and since I have the same window in a shower in my house, if this one made by craftygram ever goes missing… Or you could celebrate by painting […]

Keepin’ It Green: The Week in DIY: Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Sprouts, 7 of the World’s Most Unusual Beaches, and More

The Week in DIY: Mysterious E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Sprouts, 7 of the World’s Most Unusual Beaches, and More   Each week, we highlight some of our favorite projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner DIYer. Mystery Unfolding: Is the Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Really Linked to […]

Craftster Swimsuit Edition: How to Make a Fabulous Bathing Suit

Summer may be winding down for us in the Northern Hemisphere (lucky Southern Hemispherers are just moving into Spring!), but there is still time to make a splash at your favorite pool or shore in a fabulous handmade swimsuit!