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Book Review: Handmade for Baby

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger MareMare… Book Review: Handmade for Baby Handmade for Baby: 25 Keepsakes to Create with Love by Charlotte Rivers and Emily Gregory, is full of fun projects to inspire you to create something for a baby in your life or maybe your next charity project. Many of the projects include […]

Adorable Babies With Adorable Handmade Accessories

Something about the new year rolling in made me think about babies. New year, fresh start…in any case, there are tons of adorable threads about baby clothes and accessories on Craftster, and several of them have the bonus aspect of also containing photos of adorable babies modeling their new handmade outfits. Here are a few […]

Home Sweet Home: Crib Rail Guards

Ut oh! Your adorable baby had decided he is on a mission to chew his way out of the crib. Instead of rushing out to retail to purchase plastic rail guards, why not make a custom fabric set to match the nursery? evilSabina shares her son’s colorful owl rail guards. Make matching curtains and wall […]

Manic Monday: Crocheted Baby Blanket

Mamaedgar made this gorgeous baby blanket for friend’s baby. It took a little longer than expected… The baby got it when she was 9 months old! When you hear that the blanket is comprised of 52 separate hexagons, each of which took 25 minutes just to make, let alone connecting them and then weaving in […]

Free to Be Crafty: A Fun Mini Fauxhawk Hat

This week on Free to Be Crafty we have an adorable fauxhawk hat for the little ones. This hilarious hat will keep your favorite kid’s head warm and stylin’ while cracking up any adults that he or she encounters. This could be done in any combination of colors, for a variety of effects. Click here […]

As Seen on TV: Law and Order SVU

Welcome to our newest recurring feature: As Seen On TV. We will be bringing you awesome crafts based on TV shows, both popular and obscure. If you have a favorite TV-related craft let us know for possible inclusion in a future edition! For our first As Seen On TV we have these awesome onesies that […]

I Wanna Have Another Baby Just So I Can Hang This In It’s Room*

LOVE. Thanks Steen! {source} *Not really. I would rather skewer my eyes with rusty knitting needles than have another baby. Wait, do knitting needles even rust? Well you know what I mean. I’m too old to be pregnant again. or deal with sleepless nights and diapers and wipes and sore boobs and cracked nipples. I […]

Crafty Baby Shower Ideas

Lately it seems like everyone I know is having or adopting a baby. Lots of babies means lots of baby crafting (squeal!) and lots of baby showers! If you have been knee deep in other people’s baby plans, or are expecting your own little sprog, Craftster is here to help! We have entire boards devoted […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Make a Knit Lobster Bib

Are you dying to break out your knitting needles, but can’t think of a good summer project? This adorable lobster bib by chris_wass may be just the project for you! It’s an adorable bib with an image of a lobster and would look adorable at a picnic or summer get-together with your little one. It’s […]

Tute Tuesday: How to Make Eco Diapers

It seems like a lot of people are having babies these days, or maybe it’s just my circle. Definitely people everywhere are trying to save money and reduce waste, so these eco diapers are a timely and welcome project for those parents planning to use reusable diapers for their little beansprouts. This great tutorial from […]