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Happy Star Wars Day!

Did you know today is Star Wars day? It’s true! Craftsters LOVE Star Wars and have made so many amazing Star Wars crafts! From the most popular characters, to the most obscure, Craftster have done it all. Take a look at just a few of the great projects from around the forums and May the […]

Gamer Wednesday: Angry Birds Amigurumi

Angy Bird Attack!! CraftyDork made these bird and pig amigurumis in what I can only imagine was an attempt to play the game in real life. I mean, isn’t that what you would do with them? I know I would! The full thread can be found here: You can see more great crafts by […]

As Seen on TV: Ladybug Picnic from Sesame Street

While moving topics to our shiny new Amigurumi boards (that’s right! All ami, all the time!) I came across this adorable little ladybug; and promptly got the song stuck in my head! After watching the video on Youtube at least three times (because really, who can only watch it once?), I decided I to share […]

Gamer Wednesday: Chocobo from Final Fantasy

User phantasmafrued waskind enough to include a pattern with her adorable Chocobo amugurumi, so you can make your own in whatever color you wish! Now just make little amigurumi people and you can make your own living Chocobo races! You can see the full thread (with a pattern!) here: You can see more great […]

December 22, 2010 Featured Projects

Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by jungrrl. We hope you enjoy them! Crochet Hats For The Homeless (Large Photos) by […]

As Seen on TV: Gary the Snail from Spongebob Squarepants

Gary! Meekssandygirl actually made all of the main Spongebob characters into amigurumi, but I have a soft spot for this adorable snail and his little mrrows. I wonder if I could get my cats to pay my bills like Gary does for Spongebob… hrmm.. While I ponder the logistics, you can find this version of […]

Winner of Craft Challenge #50 – Craftster Tribute

The Craft Challenge this month was Craftster Tribute. The challenge was to create something with one or more of the three Craftster images we provided here. Our winning entry this month was created by YarnWranglerC. Her entry titled, “Ami Craftster Gang” is a ridiculously adorable amigurumi set of the Craftster mascots! The set is approximately […]

Gamer Wednesday: Left 4 Dead Amigurumi

I don’t know that it’s possible to make a cuter zombie killer. Rinoa1024 made this adorable Rochelle amigurumi and polymer clay Gnome Chompski for a Left 4 Dead themed contest, and won second place! Congrats Rinoa! You can see more great crafts by viewing the Left 4 Dead tag.

As Seen on TV – The Office

In honor of the Office baby that’s coming next Thursday, I thought I’d feature our favorite beet farmer, Dwight K. Schrute. Multibeavo made this adorable little amigurumi will all the accessories you could want! A beet, a Schrute buck, a bobblehead, even a flyer to help catch the sexual predator. More pictures of this awesome […]

As Seen On TV: The Simpsons

It’s hard to believe but The Simpsons will show their 450th episode this Sunday! In honor of one the best shows ever I thought I’d share a little amigurumi of one of my favorite minor characters, Blinky. CraftyLittleDevil was kind enough to share her version our three-eyed friend. You can see the full thread here: […]

Crafty Music Videos: U900

Do you want me to to show you a couple of adorable amigurumi frontmen with the cutest voices in the entire world remake 60’s rock songs on ukulele’s in Japanese? I’m going to assume you’re saying “Yes, please!!” because if not, then, well, I just don’t know you anymore. These are the most adorable crafty […]

Creature Feature: Axolotl Attack!

Who is the cutest little salamander around? The Axolotl! You may not be familiar with these smiley little characters, but they are a lot of fun to craft. They live in underground lakes in Mexico, and have unforgettable faces, and a fascinating story. Several craftsters have created awesome axolotl crafts, and these projects have won […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Crochet an Amigurumi Platypus

This adorable tiny platypus from beavisfreakis this week’s free pattern. Isn’t he sweet? Beavisfreak very kindly wrote out the pattern in her post, so you can crochet your own platypus, or even a platypus army! If you make one, be sure to share it, so we can all enjoy your work! Thanks, Beavisfreak, for your […]

Little Big Planet Crafts – Crafting Sackboy

One of the most popular video games with Craftsters is Little Big Planet, for PS3. In it, players can create their own world, and that world can be as crafty as they want it to be. The character, Sackboy, is a crafty little guy or girl who looks like a little amigurumi, and be customized […]

Amigurumi Mania

For the past several years, Amigurumi has been one of the most popular crafts here on Craftster. What is amigurumi, I hear you ask? Amigurumi is type of small crocheted figure, usually almost unbearably adorable. Why do I need amigurumi, you may wonder? Well, back to the unbearably cute part: these little guys will break […]