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Tute Tuesday: Altered Tin House

I am so fascinated by turning tins into little houses and other altered art. I have been saving up all of my little metal containers for the right project. I think I found one with pottermouth’s tutorial for an Altered Tin House. Who knew crafting this adorable little trinket would be so easy? It looks […]

Awesome Altered Altoids Tins

Altoids come in a great little tin, and as a Craftster, you know you’d feel bad throwing that empty tin away. So don’t do it! There are a million things you can do with an old tin, one being creating beautiful dioramas. Ramona Q found some adorable tiny sewing notions and created this “blessing for […]

Aliens Among Us

If what they say is true, there really are aliens among us. If you search through the boards of Craftster, it’s certainly apparent that it’s so. Here’s a random sampling of some of the aliens I spotted just this week.  First off, there’s a knit Huragok alien, from Halo:ODST. This amazing plushie, made by larabair, […]