Stella Loves Quigley: It’s Puppy Love!

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Craftster mods are animal lovers, and many of us have pets, ranging from dogs and cats to chickens, sheep, goats, and rabbits. Recently, some of the mods have noticed that love is in the air. It started when LimeRiot‘s handsome Great Dane Quigley sent my girl Stella a little online message, reading “Stella, will you go to the park with me?” 

Stella, a Shar Pei mix who has been smitten with Quigley ever since she first saw a photo of him, was beside herself with joy.


She immediately replied in the affirmative, and sparks have been flying ever since.
What sort of gifts would courting dogs send each other as tokens of their love? I imagine if either of these dogs had opposable thumbs, a little discretionary income, and a ride to the post office, they might send something like these adorable personalized copper tags that batgirl made. I know for a fact that Stella would love to sport the tag that states, “Quigley loves you”.
I’m sure Stella would love to whip up a batch of these yummy looking soft peanut butter dog treats, as she is well aware that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. kittykill included the recipe in her post. Now if only Stella could figure out how to work the oven!
Toys! Imagine how much fun Quigley and Stella could have romping together and sharing these fun dog toys that LimeRiot made from braided fleece.

Stella and Quigley are an internet dating match made in heaven. It’s truly puppy love! If only they lived close enough to meet in real life; that would be a doggy dream come true. ~rackycoo

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  1. HSG says:

    Quigley and Stella are too adorable! And those handmade pet items are so clever. Especially like the tags!

  2. LimeRiot says:

    If we didn’t live so far apart, and if both of our dogs weren’t fixed, I think we’d be very proud grandparents of some adorable pups, racky!

  3. rackycoo says:

    I know in my heart that they would be the cutest puppies EVER.

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