Spotlight on: Woodburning

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If you’re like me woodburning is one of those craft techniques I’ve never paid much attention to. Working in the Craftster tag cloud, been noticing some of the projects created with this skill, and now I’m intrigued.

Woodburning is done by using one simple tool that can have multiple interchangeable tips. When the hand-tool is heated the tip literally burns the wood to create any image or design. You can find the tool for as inexpensive as $12.00 in some stores. Some even come in kits to get you started. The wood burned designs can be as simple or complex as you can conceive.

Like this first project to check out today. It has an incredible amount of detail. Which makes it hard to believe it is created with one tool on a slab of wood.

This is one of many projects posted by btjpyro. He clearly has been woodburning awhile and mastered it.

Not all project require loads of experience though. This project by Krysdra is all done in fonts.

This Family Moments reminder can easily have dates added, and keep you from forgetting those important dates. But it also makes a beautiful piece of art for your wall or even a good gift.

Woodburning does not have to be just monochrome. You can add color to your piece with paints, markers, pastels or even colored pencil. That opens up a whole new set of options to explore.

Some examples of colored woodburning like these projects posted by Annie-bleam.

In her woodburning projects, The Skull, Raven and Tulip she used acrylic paint to enhance the already beautiful images. See the possibilities?

There are no limits on the uses you can come up with for woodburning. Here is an idea was born of necessity, but will hold many wonderful childhood memories.

It is a Wizard of Oz board game made by spikefan for her daughter as a gift. So clever and well thought out. She even made the game pieces to move around the board.

Woodburning can be a trip through a whole new part of your imagination. Taking a piece of wood and a burning tool to see what flows out. Like how this artist trading block came to cackle.

Check out all the details of how the notion of this ATB was born, The Philosopher’s Stone Reliquary.

Now when you need a new craft to try, maybe you too will give woodburning a refreshed look.

Thanks for checking out the spotlight, and let me know if you have ideas for future articles. 🙂

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  1. rackycoo says:

    Wow, gorgeous projects!

  2. HSG says:

    Thanks for checking it out!

  3. alwaysinmyroom says:

    These are incredible examples! It is nice to see that you don’t have to be a master to try this out. It has sparked my interest to put another craft to experiment with on my list!

  4. cackle says:

    Awesome HSG!

  5. Sue Prewitt says:

    Would it be ok to brag about some of my burnings here?

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