Spotlight on: Stumpwork

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Needlework has so many different techniques to use in your stitching. You can even create 3D effects by using the stumpwork style.

Stumpwork is an embroidery technique that originated in the mid-1600 to 1700’s, in England. This type of embroidery uses attached, pre-stitched pieces of embroidery, raised stitches, and even stuffed areas to create impressive as well as realistic designs. These areas can include scenic pictures, insects, animals, flora, elaborate clothing, and even structures.

Here on Craftster in our needlework section we are fortunate to have many talented stitchers. Some of them create incredible examples of stumpwork in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some in hoops, inchies and even twinchies!

The first example to share with you is a Ribbon Bee Rosette, by BananaAmbush.

Adorable! Notice how the bee body is full and raised? The wings are attached to the body in the same way they would be on a real bee. This is such a cute and unusual way to pay tribute to Sherlock Holmes. He became a bee keeper when he retired from detective work.

Continuing on with the insect theme, I want to show you a Stumpwork Snail, by Ludi.

This little snail is only two inches square! Can you believe all the detail she achieved in such a small area? This really shows your project does not have to be big to have an impact using stumpwork.

This post of a spider, sushi, clover and a mushroom by sheepBlue has many examples of her adventures into stumpwork. This image is my favorite from the thread.

The mushroom and the beetle look so perfect together. The mushroom really has just enough height, and the French knots add just the right amount of flora around the beetle. Using stitches you already know in your stumpwork, is another reason to give it a try.

Since I am crazy about birds, this Sparrow by sewphie, really made me swoon.

The colors are spot on to a real Sparrow, and she got the body raised and shaped so well. Even slowly leveling it down to the rest of the fabric. The red branch seems to me to be just the right touch of color.

This unique stumpwork Came From the Deep, and is by jemimah.

Cool, no!? The tentacle and suction cups are so well done. She even made it look like it had busted through the fabric of the hoop. I especially like that she made it red, too. This makes a huge statement from something that is only in a 3 inch hoop.

To check out more examples checkout the tag cloud: stumpwork.

Thanks for checking out this spotlight, and let me know if you have ideas for future articles. 🙂

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