Spotlight on: Steampunk Genre in Crafts

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Ever hear the old saying, “I know what I like when I see it”? Well, that is how I would describe my first encounter with steampunk art. Had no clue what it was called, but knew I liked the mix of textures sephia tones and metal parts. Then I began to research and find out what the origins were.

Steampunk art mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past. Mostly this comes from the the Victorian Age, when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and steam was a major source of power.

Steampunk materials are things you would find in an old science lab, machine shop or warehouse. Lots of wood, copper, brass, steel, iron and heavy metals. Other materials include glass, old-fashioned lightbulbs and watch parts, clockwork, rivets, cogs, keys, levers, wheels, springs, gears and other pieces of machinery. Leather is a fabric that is widely used in Steampunk clothing, often sewn together with thick stitches and heavy cord.

Any craft can have steampunk elements incorporated to transform the appearance to other worldly. Even an old porcelain doll, given a new look by felicitybaby.

This polymer clay hummingbird by azreno shows how the metal is incorporated into something we would normally consider very soft, a bird. Giving it an edgier more mechanical feel. Kind of like a RoboBird!

There is a whole cosplay costume movement within the steampunk genre. Creating these costumes take a lot of time and imagination. Most are made without patterns using just a vision the personhas in the head. Like Susie the Tinkerer costume created by graverobbergirl

This steampunk frame by amarillisrose, shows how you can use steampunk in everyday items. It incorporates the elements of color I love, the metal and the paper for softening the edginess.

This watch works bird by thisbirdsabsurd is perched on a spool. With the gear eyes and map wings he looks like he is straight out of a time that never was. But how cool would that time be if it were real!

On the Craftster Pinterest boards you can check out the steampunk projects we’ve been pinning. Then you look at the tag cloud steampunk is a growing tag. Covering a lot of the categories throughout the boards. Something is sure to catch your imagination and get you to try steampunk.

Thanks for checking out the spotlight and let me know if you have ideas for other topics to check out.

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