Spotlight on: Stash Busting

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With every new year we try to commit to using all the things we’ve been hoarding saving in our craft stash. Today to give some help in that, let’s take a look at some projects that were made completely from craft stashes.

The first project is from our knitting section. It is called a Ten Stitch Blanket, and even has a link to the pattern.

Trekky made it in three months and even added an icord edging. I adore all the colors and the way they work in the pattern.

Now from the clothing boards of Craftster, comes a head to toe outfit from nothing but stash and thrift store buys!

julibooli has such a fun style in all her clothing projects.

This from the quilting boards, is a 70×70 quilt created from 400 4inch string blocks!

sloth003 created and epic piece of quilt art!

Last from the crochet boards, wanted to share this crochet basket, which is so beautiful.

Rodelphia’s basket makes me want to learn crochet. Just so I can make one of these for me. Fortunately she includes a link to the pattern.

In the Craftster tag cloud you can find all sorts of stash busting projects. You’re sure to find one or two that can assist you in dwindling down your own stash and help with your 2016 resolution.

Thank you for checking out the spotlight, and Happy 2016. 🙂

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