Spotlight on: Spiral Veggies Recipes

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Even though we are moving into the winter months, we can still get fresh veggies of all kinds. Having new and interesting ways to prepare them is always a must around our house.

A few months ago the discussion of among some of the mods introduced me to the art of spiral veggies. Poof! Mind blown.

Spiral veggies are a great way to make recipes more healthful, and fun. Taking a zucchini, or any vegetable, and spiralizing it makes it fancy and more flexible in your cooking. Giving options for gluten-free, lower carbohydrates, less calories and so many more benefits. Not to mention more flavor!

To achieve spirals you can get a simple julienne tool, or one of the new tools specifically for spiral and slicing vegetables.

This type of tool comes with many attachments for slicing various thicknesses and types. But again, a regular julienne tool can do the job for these recipes.

Up first, comes a recipe from MissingWillow, Creamy ‘Pasta’ and Peas.

YUM! In the thread she gives several suggestions for altering this versatile recipe, to suit many diet needs.

Now is a recipe from LimeRiot, for Baked Eggs in a Zucchini Nest.

This would be a great easy dinner for weeknight or any day when you want something delicious and filling. And of course with cheese how could it be anything but good!? Some women like chocolate, I like cheese.

For me to make a veggie based dinner for the hubby to eat, I need some protein. So in this recipe of Zoodles with sundried tomatoes, I added fish.

It was filling and low calorie, but with enough protein to make it a satisfying man meal. 😉

Next is a recipe by MareMare, called Thai Inspired Peanut Noodles.

Another recipe that has alternatives for making it your own, and to your own tastes. Win!

Last in our spiral veggie tag is another recipe from me. Spiral Veggie Chicken Dinner, is one that is a great start recipe. Has loads of taste and is filling and healthy. Not to mention you can make it in a half hour or less.

This was the first spiral recipe I made, and it is still a favorite. The simple dressing makes the flavors pop.

Now that you have seen what you can create with this new twist on vegetables, I challenge
you to make some of your own, and share them on the cooking board. We need more recipes to try!

Thank you for checking out the spotlight. Let me know if you have ideas for future articles.

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  1. Linda E. says:

    I am so glad that you have featured this fun and healthy way to get in our veggies! I love my
    noodles…these recipes look great and simple to try out! Now, if only someone will make up a few dessert dishes, I would be in heaven!