Spotlight on: Resin

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We crafters love versatility in the products we buy. More varied uses means less money to spend to make crafts, and more is good. At least as a crafter. Resin is one of those multi-use products.

Resin starts out as a liquid, usually in two parts, and hardens to a clear durable plastic. Among it’s many uses, resin can be poured in molds of any shape, placed over surfaces to seal and protect, or even tinted. All manner of things can be put into the resin to create fun jewelry, too.

This goldfish painting by acidtrix is so beautiful and colorful, and the resin will keep it looking that way.

Here are some varied types of pendants made with resin.

Pendants in all shapes and with an array items added to the resin by ammasmama.

Showing off the different styles, here is an example of using resin to seal a pendant with a charm by rackycoo.

In the home using resin to cover a table with bottle caps by mcsladek.

So you can check out the many uses of resin for yourself, here is a great tutorial by I Sew Cute. She is our resident expert on resin! Making resin pendants with butterflies inside.

Hope you post the projects you create with resin here on Craftster. We love checking out what our members are up to.

See with the next Spotlight!

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  1. rackycoo says:

    Great article; I’m wanting to do more with resin. I’ll be bookmarking that post by I Sew Cute!

  2. onyxnox says:

    Love resin and it’s effects. Don’t forget also about the resin clays like Apoxie Sculpt, and UV cure resins too – those are great too, especially when you want a quicker project and don’t want to wait a few days for a full cure.

  3. HSG says:

    You’re right onyxnox! Maybe I will spotlight the apoxie sculpt. 🙂

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