Spotlight on: Reconstructed Clothing

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In current times it seems everything can be recycled. What about clothes? Sure.

There are those who can look at an 80’s prom dress and see a beautiful cocktail dress. Or find an old mumu and turn it into a fun summer sundress. The ideas really are endless for finding a new life for old clothing. Let’s explore just a few from the Reconstructed Clothing section here on Craftster.

The first project is one that makes it easy to make a skirt more flattering to your figure and more suited to your style.



From pleated skirt to pencil by thelovecats, is a great restyle. Great how she wears it in a retro combination.

This sweater recon is one I’ve tried myself.
Because MrsBowles was kind enough to share a tutorial with us on how to turn a mans sweater into a figure flattering one for women. There are always more men sweaters in the thrift stores than women sweaters. Usually cheaper, too.

Reconstructing clothing does not have to be super complex or even involve sewing.
These jeans were just given some fun paint touches by BellaKarma. She wanted to wear them instead of sweatpants, and make them more bearable during the winter months.

Another that does not require lots of sewing, and is still going to be on trend, a Restyled Goddess Shrug by UrbanThreads.
Made from a long sleeve t-shirt, and ribbon! How simple and a good way to try your hand at recon.

Now if you’re not into thrift stores, you can still buy new and recon those items of clothing as well.
For this Owl Dress by violentjayne, she purchased some oversized men t-shirts. With a few seams and some fabric on the sleeves she has this cute comfy dress.

Recycling is so common place now, it’s no wonder you can find endless ways here on Craftster to reconstruct clothing, too.

Thank you for checking out the spotlight. Let me know if you have future ideas for article. 🙂

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