Spotlight on: Precious Metal Clay

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Making jewelry has really become a huge part of crafting. Go into any craft store and there are always a few isles dedicated to nothing but beads, findings, tools, and other various supplies. Checking online will lead you to hours of time spent looking at virtual stores of nothing but ways to create jewelry. A very unique method and line of products that caught my attention recently for making your own silver jewelry, Precious Metal Clay. Or PMC for short.

PMC was created in Japan in the 1990’s. It consists of microscopic particles of silver or gold suspended in an organic binder to create a pliable material with a consistency similar to polymer clay. When fired in a kiln the binders burn away leaving just the detailed piece of metal. There is a range of shrinkage between 8 – 30%, depending on the product used.

PMC can be worked by hand with simple inexpensive tools to create a vast range of forms. This can allow anyone with access to a kiln to make their very own silver, or other metal, jewelry pieces. Sounds pretty cool to me!

From our own Pottery, Ceramics and Polymer Clay board I found a few projects that use the PMC product.

This first one is by Lique. Here she has made 4 pendants with PMC.

The delicate details that can be achieved with PMC is really remarkable. When the piece is fired the details become even more pronounced.

The next three projects are all by our very own cackle. Who is also the mod for our Pottery, Ceramics, polymer clay boards.

Beginning with her large birdhouse necklace is a great place to start.

The small pieces that make the larger necklace are just beautiful. The flower on the bale is my favorite detail.

This Latin Text pendant also has a custom created chain that really enhances to overall piece of jewelry.

Cackle explains in the thread that to get the details you don’t have to be an experienced jeweler. Which makes it a more attainable craft for everyone.

Lastly, here cackle was really thinking outside the box. She was in a swap and made this Little Silver Spool for her partner.

It is intended to be a year round ornament. I say it is definitely something to cherish. Going into detail how she got the hollow spool to work out and not collapse in the kiln is interesting. She even did all the lettering on the top, like you would see in a real spool of thread.

The metal clays are such a great avenue to explore, for jewelry and clay crafters. For more clay goodness and inspiration, you can also checkout the Craftster Pinterest Pottery, Polymer and Ceramics board.

Thank you for checking out the spotlight. If you have ideas for other crafts to research message me here on Craftster. 🙂

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