Spotlight on: Painting with Bonus Tutorials

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One of the crafts that truly eludes me is painting. Room painting I can do, but can never seem to do well with art painting look like more than a child’s finger painting. And that would actually be an insult to a child finger painting.

Here on Craftster though we have many talented people who not only post their painted art, but some even include tutorials. They try to make it sound like anyone can do it using their techniques. Yeah, you’ve never seen me paint!

The first painting that includes a tutorial is called “Alive” by Phantome.

This piece is large, measuring 15×22. In her post she gives details of how the technique is achieved using watercolors. Would never have guessed this was watercolor paint. Did not know you could get that vibrant color.

The next project is from our own rackycoo. She did a pet portrait called Party Animals for kittykill of her three (at the time, she has since added Iggy) pooches; Lola, Pete and Jujube.

She utilizes a board instead of canvas, and then uses the outlines of the pets to guide her. Her tutorial is very easy to understand, and she has painted more pet portraits (1, 2, 3 ), using the same technique.

This last painting technique is kind of like coloring in a coloring book. djonesgirl uses glue to outline the item to be painted then just colors with her paints, creating mixed media paintings.

This is pretty simple and could be utilized to paint most any subject matter. I might even be able to do this without making a mess of things. Don’t laugh…

For the new year I do want to try to push myself in crafts that are out of my comfort zone, and see what I’ve been missing. Maybe you can try this too!

Thank you for checking out the Spotlight. Let me know if you have ideas for future topics.:)

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