Spotlight on: Fudge

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Holidays means cooking and taking to friends, family and gatherings. What could be better than fudge??! Nothing, I say.

Oh fudge! How I love the, let me count the ways…

1) For your ease of making in the microwave. No one needs to know the time I saved.
By Juniper_Ann.

2) Light chocolate with chips of dark feels so light light in my tum, . Vegan fudge is oh so yum!;)
By kala.

3) Fudge with maple bacon, I’ve heard it’s good. I’m Jew, can’t eat it. Understood? 🙂


4) Even a fudge recipe for those who can’t have dairy. Lactose free people, can also be merry!
By mrsflibble

Not enough fudge to fill your needs? Check the tag cloud for more fudgey recipes.

Let’s finish this post with a haiku:
Fudge Haiku
Layers and folds yield
to pressure, tongue sinks – dissolves
into soft, sweet bliss. Author Amanda in Scarlet

Thank you for checking out the spotlight! 🙂

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