Spotlight on: Dioramas

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Did you ever have to build a diorama for a school project? In 5th grade we had to enter the Science Fair and my project was the Solar System. You know, back when Pluto was a planet.Those were the days, but I digress. Ever since then I have been fascinated with dioramas.

Dioramas are small scenes created with layers of materials, all depicting a picture or theme. Shoeboxes were once the norm, but now they can go even smaller to the size of an Altoids tin. Here on Craftster there have been challenges for creating dioramas.

When we envision an item to create it can be challenging to have it turn out how we see it in our mind. Dioramas especially so. Many of the items you will want to use in your diorama may have to be made by hand. Since finding them in the size you need may not be an option. Using Polymer clay, air-dry clay or the like will become commonplace.

This diorama called How to Make a Friend, by Luna1375, has always been a favorite of mine. In the post she tells us how she made the surroundings. Painting the bricks for the walls and placing each one individually. This one is so cute and the finished size is about 6 inches tall.

Dioramas do not have to be square either. This diorama made by MistressT is an ornament called Little People Cat Lady.

She created this for an Aunt who fosters stray cats, and at the time had about 16. In the diorama ornament there are 12 cats! Not leaving out any detail, she even gave one a pink cat butt. 🙂

Keeping your products simple so you can then concentrating on details, can make even a black and white scene come to life. Even making dioramas can be done in all paper, too.

This one and all the ones designed by Patraw are pretty much all paper.

In this Nintendo Gameboy papercraft diorama of Mario, every bit is 2:6 scale! My eyes hurt just thinking about that, but I am impressed with what is achieved. You should check out more of his dioramas for the gaming genre.
Castlevania, Mega Man 3, Nemesis, Operation C, Fall of the Footland

Theme dioramas can be a great way to use a small space to decorate for a holiday. Put you in the mood or even give a little pick-me-up to a co-worker. To give you an idea here is a Halloween Altoid Diorama by Knickertwist.

In true Knicker fashion she has not forgotten any Halloweeny details. How fun would it be to have this on your desk at work? Great conversation piece for your kitchen counter, too.

Dioramas are a good way to express your creative side, but on a smaller scale. Great things really can and do come in small packages.

Thanks for checking out the Spotlight. Let me know if you have ideas for future crafts to investigate.

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  1. Muse Fondue says:

    I love dioramas! That’s all I’ve been making lately, in Altoid tins. Fortunately I have several empty tins just waiting for me.

  2. cackle says:

    These are all so wonderful. Thanks for the great post, HSG!

  3. MissingWillow says:

    I love dioramas so much! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I Sew Cute says:

    Tiny things are so cute! Love these & inspired to make my own!

  5. alwaysinmyroom says:

    Such a nice selection of techniques for making these…

    I love all the tiny details…thanks for posting these special examples…they are quite inspirational!

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