Spotlight on: Crayon Tinting

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Crayons have been used in all types of art and craft projects through time. The wax colored stick known to us as the crayon, has dated back as early as the Egyptians. They used beeswax with pigment for encaustic art on stone.

Today we will be checking out the technique of using crayons to tint needlework projects. This is done so easily but the effect adds so much to completed stitching projects of all kinds, you’ll want to try it.

This crayon tinted Narwhal hoopla was created by sheepBlue

Gorgeous right? Ready to try it? Okay, here is the short and sweet tutorial.

Before you begin make sure your stitching material is flat and wrinkle free. This will help the crayon to go on smooth. Next begin crayon tinting to fill in your pattern Start out coloring very light, adding more until it reaches the shade you would desire. Always color your areas the same direction; up/down or left/right only. Before stitching, lightly iron over the colored areas to get the wax to melt into the fabric, and this makes the color not streaky. Now do your stitching. Easy peasy!

This fun tinted hoop is fragile, by Pearliepie. Hers is a very subtle tinting of the leg under the stocking.

This lady, both the lady who made it and the stitched piece, are beautiful!

The tinting adds such depth to the Vintage Lady, by kittykill

Here is a sweet hoop of a Snow Angel, by Calabaza

Such a delicate looking face.

Hope these projects inspire you to try crayon tinting on your next needlework piece. You can also look for more inspiration by checking the tag cloud for crayon tinting.

Thanks for reading the Spotlight, and let me know if there are any topics you would like me to explore.

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