Spotlight on Craftster’s Glass Boards

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yoshi mosaic You don’t have to be an amazing glassblower or own a kiln to participate on Craftster’s glass boards (but if you do, that’s awesome!). There are all kinds of glass related projects on the boards, from really simple etching projects (you’d be surprised how easy and impressive etching can be!) to mosaics big and small, to intricate lampwork and other glass fire arts. If you are learning or interested in working with glass, our more experienced members are very helpful and great about answering questions. If you are mre experienced you can share tips, tricks, opinions and advice with fellow glass crafters around the world. We have selected just a few projects here that illustrate the wide variety of forms and styles represented on the glass boards, but for a real treat, mosey around on the boards and check out what the awesome glass crafters have been getting up to!

marilyn beer pleiades
tree stripes portrait

skyline blown glass
table lampwork stained glass
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  1. Kelly says:

    Wow, this stuff is so cool! I think I’d be too afraid to work with glass.

  2. hrsg says:

    The Glass section of Craftster…come to the dark side. We have cupcakes!