Spotlight on: Cold Process Soap Making

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With gift giving times ahead, I know we all like to try new things. Well, I wanted to really push myself to something I’ve never done. Soap making! I know, crazy right?

Actually as soap making processes go cold process soap (commonly referred to as CPS or CP), is one of the easier more straight forward methods. Cold process soap are known for their hard, long lasting quality, too.

It is made by combining fatty acids, lye and water that creates a chemical reaction. Then using tools you probably already have on hand, makes it a relatively inexpensive craft.

Next thing you need is to find a recipe that sparks your interest. Perhaps something for its combination of fragrances, or its use for dry skin, or something for exfoliation. Whatever your needs are can be factored into your soap.

Because CP soapmaking requires the use of lye, I strongly recommend you to always use safety equipment. A good pair of goggles and gloves are definitely in order.

This first soap making excursion is from MareMare. She is a great soap making resource, and here shares a tutorial on Swirling Bars of CP soap.

Read through her tutorial completely before beginning. Then you will know what to expect from start to finish. Mare’s tut is very easy to follow and she shows in her pictures how it looks along the way.

Once you have tried your first venture you can then branch out in other fragrances, colors and add-ins. Shopping for essential oils and fragrances may become a new habit.

Here are Lavender and Citrus soaps, by KayKay84, look so beautiful! And both are favorite scents for me.

Now TinksWings shows us her bounty of soap making! She chose to make winter themed soaps, with Winterwonderland and Cranberry Cobbler.

That sounds good enough to eat!

This last project is very unique, and made by Lique. 😉 See what I did there?

These are champagne scented dandelion zebra swirl CP soap. Get out of town! That looks super complicated. However, if you use MareMare’s tutorial up top, you too can make these.

For more inspiration and tutorials on soap making check out the cold process soap tag in the Craftster cloud. Also you can head over to the Bath & Beauty Boards for ideas and help with any questions you may have.

Thanks for checking out the Spotlight, and let me know if you have ideas for techiniques you want me to check out for future articles.

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