Spotlight on: Art Dolls

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Lately I’ve been stalking swaps on Craftster that are for art dolls. Now keep in mind I am not a doll type person, though I appreciate the reason some collect dolls. With that said…art dolls are right up my alley.

Art dolls are one of a kind pieces of art, not at all intended to be a toy. Created in a wide variety of styles and media that can include both manufactured parts or wholly original pieces. Art doll creation require a wide range of skills to make; including but not limited to sculpting, painting, sewing, pattern drafting, costuming, etc.

For one of the art doll swaps thisbirdsabsurd created The Gashlycrumb Reaper, from Edward Gorey.

Compare her art doll rendition to the book cover art.

Amazing, right?! Using mostly fabric she was able to create an art doll that is spot on.

Art doll creations will often include the use of some form of clay; Polymer, air dry, paper mache, etc. These can lend to some very life like facial features.

This Mountain Man doll, by The Raging Sloth , has all hand woven fabric, and a Sculpey face. The detail is so incredible you can feel the wrinkles and soft white beard.

He looks like he has some serious knowledge to impart from all his years of life.

In comparison this art doll by artista83, also uses Sculpey for the face. She has much softer facial features. Her delicate clothing and soft eyes make her look so serene and pensive.

And how clever to use a tassel for her dress! Just another example of how our creative minds work. Seeing everyday items in unique and different ways.

These “Monster” dolls by cmarion3 are made of fabric mostly. They are so cute and snugly looking. Don’t know who these monsters are supposed to be scaring, but it ain’t me! I just want to hold one for my very own.

cmarion3 even created a tutorial to share how she made the eyes for the monsters. Which could be used in a wide variety of crafting.

There are more tutorials for tips on making your own art doll. Things from clothes, shoes, painting, sewing the whole doll and so on.

I’m going to be stalking keeping my eyes on the swap boards for my chance to get in on the art doll action. In the meantime though think some practice is in order for me. If you want to do the same here are some of the previous doll swap galleries to get your creative juices flowing.
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For even more great art doll projects to look at, Craftster has an Art Doll Pinterest board to inspire.

Thank you for checking out the Art Dolls spotlight.

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