Skeery Things

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Happy October 1st. You know what that means: Halloween is near! I searched Craftster and found some scary, scary things to share with you today. Not all of them are typical Halloween type things, but I believe you’ll agree that they’re still frightening! 

Look at this poor forgotten fairy imprisoned somewhere around TheMistressT‘s house. So sad, and definitely creepy!

This project by sarahj2001 has always given me the heebie-jeebies. It’s a spoon rest with toenails encased inside. Ewww!
Beetles on cupcakes! They look real, but in actuality, Pretty in Pink sculpted them from marzipan. I’m sure they’re delicious, but they are a little scary nonetheless.
These earrings by CreepStar look like they’re made of actual molars, but you’ll probably be happy to know that they’re actually just expertly created with polymer clay.
What could be scarier than finding a preserved mummy? RKEM will be using this as a prop for a LARP (Live Action Role Playing game) that they are running soon. It would also make a great Halloween decoration!

Are you skeered yet? Craftster is full of scary projects that are perfect for this time of year. Why, there’s an entire Halloween board! It’s the go-to place for everything Halloween, including costumes, decor, and Halloween treats.

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  1. TheMistressT says:

    ONLY 30 DAYS, Y’ALL! Better get makin!

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