Shark Week starts August 10th!

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Shark Week Cross Stitch It’s almost Shark Week! It’s time to see some awesome shark-inspired projects! First up, a completely appropriate cross stitch by shesactualsize that pretty much hits the nail on the (hammer)head.
Amigurumi Shark Speaking of hammerheads, check out this amazing crocheted hammerhead shark by Xbeautiful_disasterX. That had to take a lot of time (but luckily, there’s a whole week of shark-related goodness to watch while you crochet!).
Shark Cupcakes Of course you’ll need munchies to properly celebrate Shark Week, and since chum might be good for sharks but is pretty universally panned by humans, why not make some yummy shark-themed cupcakes? These, by sharktopus (who has the perfect username, by the way!) look as cute as I’m sure they are yummy (if I send you a crocheted sharktopus, can I get some cupcakes? Pretty please?)
Shark can coozie And you’ll need something to keep your drink nice and cold, too, so why not an adorable shark can coozie? Cute, topical AND functional, this shark by melicious will keep your beverage of choice nice and frosty.

However you celebrate (or don’t) Shark Week, I hope you have more fun than a tornado full of sharks…

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  1. HSG says:

    Great article Smeddley! I love Shark week.

  2. rackycoo says:

    Shark week cracks me up. Great sharky finds!

  3. MissingWillow says:

    Who doesn’t love shark week?!

  4. kittykill says:

    OMG! That shark cozie is the best.

  5. LimeRiot says:

    I have to agree with kittykill, that shark cozy ROCKS!! Great collection of shark projects!

  6. cackle says:

    Oh, I love those shark cupcakes!

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