SEW iT ALL – jungrrl and Craftster on TV!

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jungrrl on SEW iT ALL In October, jungrrl had the pleasure of filming for an awesome new sewing show called SEW iT ALL! Crafting alongside Ellen March, the creative and fabulous host, jungrrl will teach you how to turn a thrift store sweater into cute felted wool softie.

SEW iT ALL TV programs are provided free of charge to public television stations nationwide. To learn more about the show, be sure to check out their site where you can find guest info, show listings and more.

The show will start airing early this year, so please contact your local PBS station to request that they carry SEW iT ALL! Click here to find your local PBS station. Then call or e-mail your programmer directly.

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  1. Judi says:

    I hope they carry it around here or it is youtubed…good luck

  2. pixieval says:

    will spam my PBS station, because I CANNOT miss!

  3. lvl0rg4n says:

    Look at that hair! SO CUTE.

  4. skrafter says:

    just called my PBS station to make sure the show is going to be on. you may want to do the same because it’s up to the local PBS station in every city to decide

  5. zowiewoahie says:

    That is super awesome. I will ask my local PBS about it, good luck!

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