Rock Paper Scissors: Valentine

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: kinipayla has taken paper cutting to a new and beautiful level. This gorgeous heart cutting is only one of several she shared. Look at the incredible detail she achieved with a simple piece of paper and an exacto knife. Thanks for sharing your lovely work, kinipayla!

To view more of kinipayla’s  paper cuttings on Craftster, click here:

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  1. very nice, wish i could do something like this!

  2. Jennifer says:

    OMG Thank you for featuring me one the front page of Craftster! I honestly had no idea that this was going to happen! This has just totally made my day!!!!!!! Squeee!!!!!!!

  3. JAC says:

    You Rock! 🙂

  4. sarah says:

    this is rather awesome!!!! i have the abbility to do something like this but deff NOT the patience way to go girl!! mad props!!!

  5. Christine says:

    That’s incrdible! You definitely do beautiful work.

  6. Tularosa says:

    Daaaaang! Those are beautiful. I think patience must be one of your (many) virtues!

  7. michelle says:


  8. Angela says:

    Wicked paper cutting! you must be suffering from exacto-claw-hand after that, though this result is totally worth it, good job!!

  9. oneweridtot says:

    Beautiful! Wish I had the patience to do that.

  10. niki says:

    well done and wow i only know simple ones like butterflys ,doves,flovers , snowflakes and people and other stuff like that i simply do not have the patience to make amazing and beatiful stuff like that you are very very talented and you should be stunned and proud of yourself very well done once again !!!

  11. niki says:

    i meant flowers not flovers !!!