Rock Paper Scissors: Inchies!

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Inchies are tiny pieces of art, measuring just one inch by one inch square. It’s often asked on Craftster: “What the heck do you do with inchies?” Well, MuffinPuffART has a great answer to that question! She made 30 inchies and framed them together to make this adorable art for her cousin’s firstborn son, Oliver. I love the bright colors and the sweet little animals. I know this is something Oliver will cherish for years to come.

To see more great inchie projects, click here to see what’s featured under the Craftster tag “inchies”.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Oh they’re like ACEOs… but even tinier!

    I was never sure what you did with ACEOs either.

  2. Mama Brymble says:

    This is adorable!

    Well magnets would be a kind of obvious thing to do with them, too. I’m wondering, if you put some down like tiles on a small painted wood table, and then covered them with glass, you’d have a really attractive table top. I’m also wondering if there’s some way to sandwich a collection of them between something clear and heat-proof to make a trivet? Or coasters?

    If you sandwich them between 2 layers of clear contact paper, you could probably make bags or something out of them, with a little duct tape or something.

    I’m sure you can make or find some sort of little frames for them and make them into jewelry, like the postage stamp necklace I saw around here someplace.

    I like to make fancy little tags, kind of like inchies or ACEO’s on strings or chains. In addition to the obvious use on gifts or as labels, I use them by hanging them in unexpected places around my cottage, like off of drawer pulls, lamps, or doorknobs.

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