Rock Paper Scissors: Altered puzzle

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Papercrafters are always looking for fun things to alter. Any surface can be made beautiful with a little paint, ink, and collage. audio-astrophysics has taken an inexpensive 5″ by 7″ puzzle and transformed it into a work of art! This Rainbow Puzzle, with its bright colors and fun designs, would brighten anyone’s day. What a great gift for a puzzle lover, and a fun project to do with a group. Thanks for sharing, audio-astrophysics!

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  1. Phizzychick says:

    This is such a beautiful puzzle, audio!

  2. DanniQuee says:

    Such a great idea and really well done, Audio!

  3. audio-astrophysics says:

    WOW! This is such an honor! This is a very happy day in my house, I’m excited, my mom’s excited and telling everyone she knows!

    Ok so…hmhm, I would like to thank my mom for finding the 50 cent puzzle at Super Joanns, PhizzyChick for being so dang inspiring, rackycoo for thinking what I did is great and featuring me, Craftster for always getting me to try new things, and myself for just being so amazing! lol

    Gosh I love this place!

  4. Bekka K. says:

    Way way cool! Inspiring! Gotta try something like this myself…


  5. Athena says:

    Oooh, that is so awesome.