racky and cackle go to “art camp”

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Recently, cackle and I were lucky enough to attend art camp! Actually, it was a Mixed Media Retreat, hosted by “Art Is…You” in Petaluma, California. Upon signing in for our five day creative class-filled days, we received a clipboard with the retreat information, and a large pocket nametag, that was perfect for toting around reading glasses and an extra pair of scissors. Each tag was handpainted, and they came in a rainbow of colors. I was thrilled that mine was in my favorite color of green! 

Art Is…You is hosted by two amazing women, Sallianne and Ellen. Every single detail of the week was special, from the goodie bag handouts to the inspirational speeches by Tracy and Teesha Moore, to the breakfasts and lunches included. Everyone was made to feel special.

Our first class was a two day class with Andrea DeMeng, “Illuminated Manuscripts”. We all started out with a decorative faux book or wooden cigar box, and ended up with beautiful collaged “books” that were lit from within using tea lights. Andrea was a wonderful teacher, and kept the class moving. It was amazing to see how much we all accomplished in just two sessions. Plus, each book was unique and beautiful in its own way. When class was over, Andrea thoughtfully critiqued each project. We learned that each of us had a block of time where we hated what we were working on, but we all stuck with it, and everyone was, in the end, pleased with their work.
On the third day, we took a class with Micheal DeMeng, “Teeny Tiny Shriney”. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time; it was great to meet him! His best advice to us was to “just glue something to something” in order to get started. He explained that once you have committed and have something going on, the rest will follow. I made the shrine shown here using a new-to-me product, Aves Apoxie clay. More photos and information can be found here.
Even our nights were chock full of crafting fun! Teesha Moore showed us how to make “paper cloth” using fabric, tissue paper, paper napkins, and Collage Pauge, a product by Aleene’s. We thought we were tired when we went in to see what was going on, but we had so much fun that we got a second wind up and we ended up having a blast making our new cloth. It’s beautiful how the tissue paper and napkins become translucent and the fabric shows through.
Our last class was entitled “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously” with LorriMarie Jenkins. This was such a wonderful class. The goal was to just have fun with the work. No time to think…we had to slap everything down and just trust the process. We each made two 12″ by 12″ works in this one six hour class. Here’s cackle’s first take. Again, we all had moments where we hated what we were working on, yet we all pushed through, and I believe everyone was happy with what they accomplished. Plus, we all learned a lot! If you want to see what I made in this class, click here.

Here’s a photo of our last class. Look at all the happy people with their awesome work. Art camp rocks!

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  1. HSG says:

    Such a fun and great learning experience. Best part is you went with a friend who shares your passion for paper!

  2. Where are your books in this posting? And why do I only see one shrine and one red nose woman?! It was great meeting you two talented, amusing and TALL women.

  3. rackycoo says:

    I can’t post it all! It was an amazing time at camp, and I loved meeting you too. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

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