Put A Bird On It

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blog5 There’s a saying in the craft world that if your project is lacking something, you should just “put a bird on it” to successfully complete the look. But why make the bird a mere afterthought? Here are some Craftsters that decided to make the bird the only thing.

This beautiful needle felted cardinal by paxye looks just like the real thing. It’s definitely worth Tweeting about!

I don’t think it would be possible for this soft sculpture bird to have any more personality than he already does. petskin created him using a wire frame covered with yarn, clay and fabric.

This mechanical bird looks like it’s made of riveted metal, but actually, it’s expertly crafted from polymer clay by monsterkookies. blog3
artsycandice’s sculpted clockwork bird is also made of polymer clay, and then embellished with a metal chain and keys. blog1
I love this felt lady bird by thisbirdsabsurd, and I also love that her cat is getting a little too close for comfort in this photo. blog2

There are so many wonderful birds on Craftster, made with all sorts of materials in all sorts of styles. Click on the “bird” tag to see more.

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