Pumpkin Carving

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Futurama pumpkin Craftsters have carved everything from monsterous faces to cartoons into the popular orange fruit. Whether you freehand a design or use a template, the possibilities for pumpkin carvings are fairly endless. Check out the pumpkin carving and pumpkin tags for an abundance of inspiration this season.
Cat pumpkin Frankenstein pumpkin Then Ring pumpkin
Superman pumpkin Owl pumpkin Puking pumpkin

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of carving and pumpkin seeds, perhaps some of these alternative techniques for pumpkin decorating will inspire you:

Zebra pumpkin Bloody pumpkin Glitter pumpkin

Share your carvings on the Halloween board this year, too!

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  1. kjlutz says:

    Those are great. Thanks for highlighting them.

  2. Brenda Goodine says:

    I really like to pumpkin that seems to be losing its’ lunch. That will appeal to my adult sons sense of humour as well. What can I say. I worked in health care for 30 years. I am not sure if people go into health fields because they have that sick sense of humour or if it is a defense mechansim we learn after we are working in it.

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