Protecting the DIY Enterprise

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Jenny Hart is creative force behind the one-woman enterprise called Sublime Stitching — a renowned DIY venture where she sells uniquely cool embroidery kits with her own original designs.

Recently Jenny has been made aware of the fact that a large manufacturing company is illegally using her designs on their clothing. Without paying her a dime and without her permission.

You can read about this here:
And this is what you can do to help:

Here’s the Craftster discussion about this if you want to weigh in there.

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  1. oh, this is a really good post.
    i zipped right over there, read all about it, and bought some patterns as requested.

  2. this is terrible…Jenny’s designs are awesome. So awesome in fact, they appeared in my
    newest issue of Ellegirl Magazine.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I think it’s great that a fellow creative-type noticed and contacted Jenny about the shirt with her stolen patterns. We all should keep a look out for each other in the crafty world, and always contact and ask others if we think we’ve seen stolen work. Good for Jenny for taking action– and inspiring others to do so as well!

  4. Alwaysallnutt says:

    Great site and superfab design s, would love to have a try, but how do I get my hands on them if I live in the uk ????

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