Pirates Ahoy! Pirate Costumes and Crafts on Craftster

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flag Arrr, Matey! Pirates are one of the most popular themes on Craftster. We have seen everything from baby pirate costumes to both knit and crochet pirate beard and hat combos. If you are planning a Halloween Pirate Party or Pirate Costume, or want to decorate your kid’s (or your own!) room in a Pirate theme, we have plenty of ideas and projects to inspire you as you plan your big piratey project!
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Pirates are a great theme for both adult and child parties. Not only is it fun to dress and talk like a pirate, there are just tons of possibilities for entertainment and decorating. Have a treasure hunt! Fill a bowl or pirate pinata with candy “gold doubloons”! Have a costume contest and pass put eye patches and (fake) parrots at the door for anyone not in costume! Make a pirate cake! Serve rum drinks in coconuts! Turn your windows into portholes! Play pirate games like pinning a funny “pirate name” on guests’ backs and instruct them to ask questions to try to figure out their new pirate identity. Let your imagination run wild thinking of fun ideas for your Pirate Party activities!

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What are your favorite Pirate Crafts, Costumes, and Party Ideas?

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  1. Amanda says:

    I hope it’s ok to share here, I made a pirate puppet out of a paper bag for Disney’s Kaboose.com a year or two ago. It came out pretty darn cute i think 🙂 You can see it here http://crafts.kaboose.com/paper-bag-pirate-puppet.html

  2. Berry Tayler says:

    Got a number of complications looking at the site in Firefox using the Mac, nevertheless I still loved the site!

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