Perseids Meteor Shower

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If you’re a player in the Summer Nerd Games, or a lover of astronomy, you probably already know about the Perseids Meteor Shower that will be at its peak August 12-13th this year. In honor of chunks of space rock plummeting to earth and thankfully being burned to nothing in our atmosphere, I thought I’d showcase some shooting star crafts!

Shooting Star Shadowbox If you’re not able to see the meteor shower in person for whatever reason (rain, clouds, unexpected swarm of elephant-sized zombie butterflies) you can live vicariously through this lovely shadow box by twoeyedcyclops, which is even backlit to give you the full experience!
Fabric Shooting Stars Or, make your own meteor shower by tossing these lovely fabric stars about – though unlike the real thing, this is best done in full daylight to appreciate the colors and patterns! This set was made by cmarion3, and rumor has it she’s using some as part of the Abandoned Art Craftalong. That’s right, these could be found by the right person in the right place!
Star Mini-Quilt And if you can’t get enough of the starry loveliness, you could always stitch up a mini-quilt to hang on your wall to remember the fun times out in the cool, dark quiet of the middle of the night. This one was made by waggonswest. Of course, you could also size up the pattern or sew a few repeats together to make a full-sized quilt, ideal for wrapping around you as you watch the shower if it’s on the cool side out, or laying on the ground to lay on and watch the meteors.

Enjoy the meteor shower!

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  1. Phizzychick says:

    Fab! Love all the staryness, bring on the rocks! 😀

  2. HSG says:

    These are fun projects, and glad I saw this post. Did not know about the Perseids Meteor Shower, and now I can look for it. 🙂

  3. Kaz814 says:

    Oooh, I almost missed the shower! Glad I saw this. And the projects are so fun, too.

  4. meleriffic says:

    What fun star projects!

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