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The Ongoing Poppet and Punkin-Along thread has been going strong on Craftster since November of 2007. It is the number one replied-to thread, and the second most viewed thread on the site. Who’s responsible for this poppet madness? It’s ghilie, who created the poppet pattern and has been generously providing it free of charge all these years. There’s no sign of the poppet craze fading away, and that thread (and the poppets) seem to be getting better and better all the time, as members add their own modifications and share their tutorials as well.

I thought it only fair to ask ghilie which of her poppets out of the many of those she’s made she’d like featured in this article. She gave me a choice of her two favorites, and I fell in love with this one. Her spiky hair, pierced ears and adorable outfit won me over. Plus, she’s waving in such a friendly manner.


Here’s what some other Craftsters have done using ghilie’s pattern: 

AlwaysInspired modified the face a bit, made some Mouseketeer ears, and created this lovable Walt Disney poppet.

Oh my, Frank N. Furter, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show! lanikins nailed this one, from the heavy eye makeup to the rips in the stockings and those high heel shoes.
Here’s the 10th Doctor Who, by averyg. He’s got it all, from his dress shirt, to his pinstriped suit, to the iconic trench coat.
meleriffic created this Batgirl poppet, and also included costuming for her “real life” alter ego, librarian Barbara Gorden. I love her long red hair and her Batgirl costume!

It truly was hard to choose amongst all the fantastic poppets that have been posted on Craftster through the years. Be sure to click on the Craftster tag “poppet” to see many more. If you’d like to get in on the fun, join in on the Ongoing Poppet and Punkin-Along. ghilie’s herself has said it: “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

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