Meatless Monday: Soy Burgers

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Let’s hear it for summertime! Yahoo!!!!! Dust off that BBQ, invite some friends over and get to grilling! Craftster member thesunandtheturtle has a recipe for Soy Burgers that is perfect for a backyard grilling extravaganza. This recipe is for the basic burger, but we all know that you are going to add some spice to the mix. If a BBQ isn’t your thing, you can bake them in the oven or even make up a batch and freeze them for future noshing.

Fire up that grill with recipes and tips from our Cooking Board. Find the perfect tasty treat…ants not inlcluded. Happy Monday!

Blogging Through the Boards: Bath and Beauty

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Have you visited our Bath and Beauty Board lately? If not, what are you waiting for? It is full of tutorials, tips and awesome gift ideas. Below is a small sampling of what the board has to offer.

Getting clean never rocked so hard! Crafster member DaBunny shares her tutorial for these Joan Jett Inspired Bath Soaps. If you aren’t into girl rockers, you can switch up the colors to fit your musical taste. Throw on your favorite tunes, sing at the top of your lungs and get squeaky clean.
Our Bath and Body Board includes so much more than just soap. We have make up tutorials, a thread for tattoos and lots of awesome nail art. NocturnalCreations shows off her mad nail art skills. These are so much fun for a summer picnic.
You are da bomb! After a week of being awesome, you need to relax. Sweetmlange has the perfect remedy for getting rid of that stress. Her tutorial for Bath Bombs will allow you to decompress in luxury. Add you favorite scent and color for a personalize soak.
Your bath is perfect. You have everything you need; fabulous bath soaps, soothing bath bomb, favorite trashy novel. Now you just need your favorite scrub puff. You don’t have one? Better put that bath on hold until you finish crafting a Poofy Pouf! Crafster member teapotdnky shows you how to make a quick, easy scrub puff. This tutorial is great for scrap busting and you can make them in a variety of colors. Make up a bath to keep on hand for last minute gifts. “PROJECT 4 URL”

Thanks to the Bath and Body Board you can get clean, smell yummy and look fabulous! Don’t forget to check out the board and post your own awesome creations!

@Home This Weekend: Mosaic Plant Tray

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This weekend, group your potted plants on a decorative mosaic tray. Brightly colored tiles will add an extra pop of color to your garden. rockingbearranch added small wheels to her tray so she can move the plants in and out of the sun as needed. Smart and beautiful!


Tute Tuesday: Quick and Easy French Board

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Having your pictures digitally stored is a great idea. They are in one place and you can access them at any time. I’m a little old school, and while I do love digital pics, there is just something about looking up at a corkboard and seeing the faces of the people I love smiling back at me. Bethntim created this super quick and easy French Board that allows you to literally post pictures and other mementos to your wall. You can use any fabric that will fit your decor and the whole process will take you less than an hour. This is a great idea for those graduating high school and college. Craft a very special board for their memories of school.

Our Home Sweet Home Board is the place for indoor and outdoor decor tutorials and inspiration. Get crafty and spruce up that home or office for the spring season.

Hello, Dolly!

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Who doesn’t love a cute little doll? These handmade sweeties are sure to delight any child, and probably most adults. Their happy little faces just make you smile.

This little felt sweetie with her sunny hat is just adorable. You can tell she’s having a good day. EmmaIrlamCrafts dressed her in a cute ice cream shirt.

When it comes to this cutie meleriffic made for her daughter, think pink! The Parisian skirt was made with fabric left over from sewing a skirt, so meleriffic’s daughter and her dolly have matching outfits. So cute!



This happy redhead will brighten your day. gigglygirl dressed her in happy colors and fun patterns. She’s so huggable.
Time for tea! biscuitbear crocheted this little sweetie and her fancy outfit. This girl is obviously the perfect hostess.
jillybeans made this friendly doll plus a matching child-sized skirt for the lucky friend of her daughter. It’s fun playing dress up together!

There are pages and pages of handmade dolls on Craftster. Click here to find them all!


Meatless Monday: Fennel, Pear and Dill Slaw

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Raise your hand if you are ready for some fun in the sun. Time to go outdoors and celebrate the spring season. Craftster member Craftylittlemonkey shares her recipe for Fennel, Pear and Dill Slaw that will surely be the hit at your next cookout or picnic. This recipe is so easy yet so tasty. It is a refreshing take on your average slaw. Try using a variety of citrus juices to ramp up the flavor, just keep in mind that simple is the best for this veggie dish.

Planning your next outdoor get together? Check out our Cooking Board for main meals, sides and desserts. Get out there and enjoy the sun!

@Home This Weekend: Suncatcher

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This weekend, grab some wire and beads and make a beautiful suncatcher like this one, by phoenixfiredesigns. This colorful wire tree will feel right at home in your yard or window. Beautiful!


Meet the Moderators: Lindyv321

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Lindyv321 is all kinds of awesome. She is one super crafty moderator! I swear, I think she can do any craft with ease. I would be mad at her for that if she wasn’t so nice! Lindyv321 is so helpful to everyone in the Craftster community. Let’s find out more about this amazing moderator.

How did you find Craftster?
I honestly don’t remember exactly but I think it was a project post was linked on a blog I used to read years ago.

How long have you been on Craftster?
I have been a member since 2008 and have learned way more crafty skills since then. Looking back to my first posts makes me cringe a bit but I guess we all have to start somewhere!!!.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live in Arizona with my boyfriend of 8 years, my two kids, and our zoo of pets. I have worked in the insurance industry since 1999. I love to embroider, alter stuff, make jewelry, and other random stuff.

Your favorite thing about Craftster:
The inspiration!! Artistic and personal. I have grown so much with my skills and things I am able to do since I’ve joined. I am also lucky to have “met” and connected with so many wonderful encouraging people because of this site.

Any advice for newbies?
Jump on in!!! Grow, learn, and have fun!

Favorite quote:
It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities -J.K. Rowling or Albus Dumbledore

Lindyv321 is a crafty force to be reckoned with! Her kindness knows no bounds and all of us at Craftster are so glad that she is part of the family.

May 3, 2017 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Blue Budgie by Cherie

Renovated & Updated Cabinet by TheMistressT

Daisy, Daisy Kanzashi Set by appledainty

Custom shark socks by Annchen

Epic scrap fiber project, piano hinge book. Photo dense tutorial. by craftylittlemonkey

Harry Potter Ravenclaw bookshelf shrine by bunny1kenobi

Hargid and Luna Fan Art by ErinAquaheart

The Ron Weasley Afghan by FiberAlchemist

Three Little Cacti Girls (Image heavy) by kittykill

Fox by Ludi

Easter Punch Game by LovelyMiss

Bitty Book of Booze w/Mixing Instructions by pottermouth

Is it a Clutch or a Game Case? by amigurl55

Steampunk Octopus Assemblage Sculpture by PerfectlyBohemian

Woodland Fairy House by mandykaye

Tute Tuesday: Scrap Fiber Journal

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Craftster member Craftylittlemonkey is the scrap busting queen! She can turn every day fiber scraps into functional elements for crafty projects. Her latest adventure is a Scrap Fiber Journal. By using fabric beads and paper that were made with her other tutorials, Craftylittlemonkey creates a journal that will hold your inner most personal thoughts. Make several of these up at one time for teacher’s gifts, or just to have on hand with you need a last minute present for a party.

Check out all the awesome tutorials on our Miscellaneous Board. We have gifts for moms, dads and grads! Happy crafting!

A Fox in the Hen House

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I’ve been writing the Tuesday blog for several years now. Sometimes inspiration comes in funny ways. Today, in the Hot New Projects thumbnails, there was a fox. And next to it was a chicken. All I could think about was how those two animals should probably not be around each other. A fox in the hen house? Oh no!

And here is the fox in question. He’s been expertly embroidered by Ludi. Is it possible he has a chicken dinner in mind?

Here are the poor chickens that reside right next to him in the thumbnails. They look like they’re alert to danger, but can they really be safe? (Art quilt by wendiek.)
This fox by artsycandice looks sweet and innocent, but I’m guessing he can’t be trusted. He does have a secret pocket…
thisbirdsabsurd‘s lovely chickens do not look as if they would be comfortable around any fox, no matter how cute or cuddly he may seem. Everyone knows that foxes are notorious for their love of chickens. Not as friends, though, as a good meal.
If you’ve been rooting for the chickens to come out ahead in this one, you’re in luck. Here’s a fantastic chicken coop, built by puppybreath. The protective chicken wire goes down a few feet to discourage foxes from digging their way in. The chickens are safe!

There’s a plethora of foxes and chickens co-existing on Craftster, and several chicken coops to help keep them separate. And, as always, *No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog post.*




Craft Challenge #118 Swap and Share Winner: Ron Weasly Afghan

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This month’s Craft Challenge was Swap and Share Round 5! The challenge was to share a project that you made for a swap but didn’t post. It could be anything crafted, just as long as it was from a swap and had not be posted on another thread in the past.

Our winning entry was created by FiberAlchemist! Her entry titled, “Ron Weasly Afghan” was created for Abbeeroad in the One Awesome Harry Potter Thing Swap. Abbeeroad’s wish was an afghan like Ron’s from the Harry Potter movies. FiberAlchemist knitted this colorful and amazing afghan for her partner. Check out the winning entry here.

Congrats, FiberAlchemist!

For winning, FiberAlchemist has won an item from one of Craftster’s online shops!

Shop Craftster


Hope everyone had fun creating for the challenge this month! Happy crafting!

Meatless Monday: Vegan Banh Mi

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Another boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? Not today, my friend! You are in for a tasty international treat! Craftster member Applesweet shares their recipe for Vegan Banh Mi sandwiches. These little beauties are easy to make and full of flavor. This dish is also great as a side salad for a full meal. No matter how you decide to serve it up, your belly will be happy.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? We have amazing recipes for any time of the day on our Cooking Board. Have a tastebud tickling Monday!

Craftster Quickies: How to Make Embroidery Hoop Corkboards

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In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make embroidery hoop corkboards!

These fun & colorful corkboards make great gifts for mom for Mother’s Day, for housewarming presents or just to bring a bit of fresh flair to your own home!

@Home This Weekend: An Orb For Your Yard

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  This weekend, adorn your garden with a unique cement orb that you create yourself. Balatong included a complete tutorial in her post. I definitely want one (or more!) of these in my yard.