Tute Tuesday: Easy Fancy Cape

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You are amazing. You need an outfit that shows off how fancy you are. Craftster member Lothruin shares her tutorial for this Easy Fancy Cape that can be used not only at Halloween, but all year long. This cape goes great with a dress, skirt or pants. While this piece of outerwear is red, you can use any color you wish depending on your style. It drapes nicely around the face and shoulders. The bow adds a nice detail to the cape.

Whether you are looking for a Halloween costume or every day wear, our Clothing Board has something for you. Get out there and be fabulous!

Faux Pumpkins for All Season’s Fun

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It’s not too early to decorate for Halloween, and you can even carve a pumpkin now if you choose to purchase a fake one somewhere. Traditional jack o’lanterns are always great for Halloween, but there are lots of other ways to decorate with purchased pumpkins. Best part, you can use them year after year!

FruityLoops enhanced this paper maché pumpkin with paint, glitter glue, and faux autumn leaves. It has a great vintage look to it.

Look how spooky Oogie Boogie (from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas) looks in this carved and lit pumpkin by Michela.
In one of her Craftster Quickies videos, kittykill showed how to use faux pumpkins for succulent containers and how to transform smaller pumpkins into metallic pumpkin tea light holders.


has carved some exquisite jack o’lanterns. This Superman pumpkin is fabulous!

You might want to display this decoupaged pumpkin year round. ceemonster used the pages from a book she got from “Free Book Day” at her library.

Get those pumpkins out now! After all, they’re in style now through Thanksgiving. To view more treatments, visit the Craftster tags “fake pumpkin” and “faux pumpkin“.

Craft Challenge #125 Announced – DIY Halloween Costumes!

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Craft Challenge #125 – DIY Halloween Costumes 2018, has been announced!

Your challenge this month is to show off your handmade Halloween costume!!

Entries are due November 1 – 8, 2018. Read all of the challenge details here. 😀

2017 Halloween Costume Contest

Craftster Quickies: How to Make No Sew Blankets for Charity

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In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make killer… Halloween decor!

These amazing man-eating plants can decorate your home and delight your trick or treaters! Check out the Halloween costumes, parties & decor board for even more spooktacular DIY Halloween ideas, too.

Happy Crafting!

Meatless Monday: Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcake

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There are some people who say there is too many pumpkin spice products out there. NEVER! There is never too much of that taste sensation! Okay, I might draw the line at pumpkin spice toilet paper, but as far as fall food goes, pumpkin spice is the king. Redheadedblonde takes this treat to another level with her contribution of Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes. Instead of the regular cupcake shape, she decided to bake them in cups for a fun coffee-like effect. Can I just tell you that I want a gallon of the syrup! If pumpkin spice isn’t your thing, you can use this idea for other coffee or tea related baking project.

From pumpkin spice to peppermint, our Dessert Board has all your foodie guilty pleasures covered. Enjoy that drink, cupcake or donut! We never judge. Happy October!

@Home This Weekend: Tile Coasters

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This weekend, grab your colored Sharpies and make some lovely coasters out of loose tiles. In her post, craftADDchick shows how it’s done, using isopropyl alcohol and some contact paper to create a resist. What fun!

Tute Tuesday: Easy No-Sew Halloween Bunting

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Halloween is approaching and as crafty peeps we know the importance of getting started early. MareMare has created a very easy and fun No Sew Halloween Bunting that takes your space from drab to fab. Using scraps of fabric and twine, her tutorial will show you how to make a bunting that will make your mantle look spooky and stylish. Don’t stop at Halloween, craft this bunting for every holiday from Easter to Christmas.

Learning a new craft doesn’t have to be scary. Our Halloween Board may look spooky and the tutorials are to die for, but we promise, it is all treats and no tricks. Happy haunting!

Witch, Please!

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, you know I can’t help but post tons of Halloween themed articles. What’s up today? Witch, please; it’s all witches.

pottermouth created the perfect little witch and set her on an altered block of wood. Best part? Her pet beetle on a leash.

Here’s a sweet witch doll, all dressed up for Halloween. La Chapa crocheted this little cutie.
kittykill captured a small witch and placed her in a mason jar to create this spooky luminary, one out of a set of three.
I had to get in on the witchy fun and alter a vintage photograph, giving everyone witch hats and broomsticks. Now it’s a photo of a coven!
Caution! yoopidou made a low flying witch to haunt her house. I love that warning sign.

Maybe I’ll take a break from posting more Halloween articles for a while. Now if you believe that…witch, please!


Meatless Monday: Buttercup Cream Cake

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Who doesn’t like cake? If you have those people surrounding you, get rid of them. You do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Craft Critic knows that there is always time for a sweet treat with their recipe for Buttercup Cream Cake. This dessert is delicious. You won’t believe that it is vegan with its rich buttery flavor. It uses squash to create a rich texture. Buttercup Cream Cake is an excellent alternative for school functions or other areas where food allergies may arise.

Find a new twist on an old recipe with tips and inspiration from our Cooking Board. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different foods-try something new! Happy Monday!

Happy Hobbit Day!

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Tomorrow is Hobbit Day! Craftster moderator Mistress Jennie is helping celebrate with this article full of fun Hobbit-related crafts!

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” So said J.R.R. Tolkien in a little book called the Hobbit, first published in 1937. Ever since his book was published, Tolkien’s epic tales about wee Hobbits have captured the imagination of of readers, and of course, of crafters. If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s work, why not honor Hobbit Day, September 22, by crafting something inspired by his tales?

Sometimes even the best of us needs a little push out our own front door. Sirya’s tiny Gandalf would be a great gift to encourage a friend.

In need of some awesome accessories? Sirelinde used jewelry wire to recreate Arwen’s beautiful Evenstar pendant from the LotR’s films.

If your walls need some interest, you could stitch up a map of Middle Earth, like this one by Wizards_Pupil.

BridgeKeeper crocheted a truly epic hat, inspired by the Tree of Gondor. This would be great for the fall & winter ahead.
Finally, if you’re itching to go off on your own adventure, you could stitch up a Fellowship Cloak like sairosaurus.

Thanks again to Mistress Jennie for spotlighting these projects, and for this delightful Hobbit Day article.

@Home This Weekend: Garden Painting

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This weekend, decorate your home with a garden-inspired painting. gigglygirl found a rustic wooden fence plaque and painted it with bright and happy flowers. What a great accent for a protected porch area, or even inside. Love it!

September 19, 2018 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Vintage altered Halloween clock by KarenLouiseM

Cardamom-Zucchini Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting by TheMistressT

Halloween Table Runner and Wall Quilt by rantyhippie

Sloths by geekgirl1000100

Paper Fabric Bookmarks inspired by CLM! by underthemountain

Unicorn cushion cover, paper pieced with a twist by craftylittlemonkey

Garden inspired painting…wall decor by gigglygirl

Super shabby Dressing Table by lunke13

Hanging Shoe Rack by chocolatebutton

Peacock Pride Outfit by Acadian Driftwood

Color Splash Feathers – Food Coloring Dye Tutorial by rockingbearranch

Golden Knot with Pearl project by sarahknot

Golden Knot with Pearl project by sarahknot

Blobs by excelsior

Steampunk Halloween Costume Enhancements by cmarion3

Tute Tuesday: Color Splash Feathers

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Are you itching to try a new craft? Why not spread your wings and try rockingbearranch’s tutorial for Color Splash Feathers. Using a very simple dye technique she creates beautiful feathers that can be used in a wide variety of projects. Rockingbearranch uses discarded feathers from her chickens, but you can find supplies online or at your local craft store. Don’t hold back, create vibrant new colors by mixing dyes.

Fiber isn’t just something you need in your diet. There is an entire world of crafty material that is waiting to be discovered. Check out tutorials on our Fiber Board for dyeing, felting, weaving and spinning projects. Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Everybody Poops.

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In case you’ve missed it, TheMistressT is redecorating her bathroom. She has been posting all sorts of potty related art. I took a look around the boards to see what other poopy crafts I could find, and not too surprisingly, there are plenty!

skaborsk embroidered a stinky little poop hoopla (does that make it a “poopla”?)

When TheMistressT hears “Number 2 pencil”, she takes it literally, going so far as to creating googly eyed poop pencil toppers out of pipe cleaners.
hooked on amicute crocheted a poop so large that she gave it a name. Meet “Bradley“.
This happy little poop was cross stitched by doaflip.
You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but DropKickGrl is wearing poop on hers! Look closely at the knit wrist warmers, and you’ll see a somewhat poopy pattern…

Click here to get more scoop on the poop.

Meatless Monday: Crockpot Pumpkin Apple Oatmeal and Leftover Oatmeal Cookies

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Did I ever tell you that I have the cutest little apple tree in my backyard? It is a column style tree that produces the sweetest apples. This year I decided to take those little gems and try out my recipe for Crockpot Pumpkin Apple Oatmeal and Leftover Oatmeal Cookies. I prepare everything before I go to bed and let the oatmeal cook overnight. I wake up in the morning to the incredible smell of cinnamon and apples. The recipe that I use makes a lot of oatmeal and I hate to waste anything so I decided to try making cookies. They were a success! These cookies are very cake-like and dense. They go great with coffee or tea. I’m so happy that I got to use the apples from my yard and didn’t waste anything!

Leftovers are no problem when you use recipes from our Cooking Board. Whether it’s a meal or a snack, we have the perfect dish for you.