@Home This Weekend: Paint a Music Box!

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This weekend, get out your paints and embellish a plain wooden box. patty_o_furniture got extra creative and painted a Hogwarts scene reminiscent of Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Night”, and then added workings that play Hedwig’s theme. I think you’ll agree that this was a truly magical transformation.

July 26, 2017 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Geeky bags by Kaoticat

Harry Potter Starry Night Music Box by patty_o_furniture

Bad Ass B!t@# Necklace by Mistress Jennie

Jockeys Up! by Jenxx

A watercolour portrait of my sleeping daughter by FoxyBlue

A Day at the Beach… by Onyxnox

Nelson Mandala is finished! by crafterdark

Not manly- Zombie Little Mermaid by Buddylove

Resistance TM Patches by cmarion3

Newspaper Purse by amigurl55

Pie! by craftylittlemonkey

Topsy Turvy Doll – Supergirl & Wonder Woman by LissyLou

Flow-ish Journal by Smmarrt

I Had a Tie Dye Party! by audio

I don’t follow the rules by kittykill

What’s Up Girlfriend?

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Special thanks to Craftster moderator Mistress Jennie for compiling these projects and writing this fun article.

August 1st is National Girlfriend’s Day!  Whether we have a single bestie, or a gaggle of gal pals, National Girlfriend’s Day celebrates the special bond of friendship between women.  It’s a great reason to invite friends over for a night of girls only fun and laughter, and an excellent excuse to craft for those special ladies in our lives.

Any good girls night needs to start with luscious food and decor.  Lindseyt has a recipe for both with her Fruit Bouquets as an edible table centerpiece.

Since summer days are often sweltering, try serving onyxnox’s Thai Ginger Iced Tea to keep everyone cool and comfortable, so you can stay outside on the patio with your friends late into the night.
Keep the evening of fun flowing with a group craft.  Abbeeroad has a great tutorial for DIY Squirt Bottle Tie-Dye, with simple easy to find materials.  The best part is that if everyone brings their own shirt, they’ll get to take home a lasting memory of your Girlfriends Day celebration.
After cleaning up from crafting, sit down to MareMare’s Crockpot Baked Potato Soup and Mushroom & Goat Cheese Ciabatta Bread.  Making the soup early in the day in the crockpot leaves you free to spend quality time with your friends, instead of standing over the stove. The ciabatta can be store bought, then broiled for just a few minutes before going on the table.
Let’s not forget dessert! Acadian Driftwood’s Simple Lemon Strawberry Cake is a sweet way to end a fantastic meal with friends.
And finally, what’s a party without gifts?  Check out the beautiful woodland themed Gift Bags that TheMistressT put together for her sisters visit.  Try creating individual gift bags for your friends that contain their favorite colors of nail polish, or favorite teas & treats, to remind everyone that you love them for the individual woman they are.

Thanks so much to Mistress Jennie for all these great ideas! Enjoy your girls on the August 1st, and every day.


Tute Tuesday: Cons to Mary Janes

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I have a pair of sneakers in my closet that are in desperate need of a makeover. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but for some reason, they just don’t look cute on my feet. Craftster member Object001 has a solution to my shoe dilemma with her tutorial for Cons to Mary Janes. This tutorial is so easy that even a beginning seamstress, like myself, can pull it off. You can add even more detail to your new flats by painting or embroidering designs on them.

Don’t toss those unwanted articles of clothing away! Repurpose them into funky new pieces of wearable art with tutorials from our Clothing Board. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Shark Week, Post Deux

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Shark week is too big to be only one post, sorry! But I did find too many cool shark posts to pass up. So on to part 2! We start off with a lovely shark plushy by jungrrl. I do not know how anyone makes such amazing small plushies, I try to sew a curve smaller than the turning radius of a barge and it goes wonky. But at least I can admire amazing work like this from afar!
Speaking of sewing, check out this shark pillowcase! It’s a shark… made of sharks. It’s like shark inception! I’d totally put that pillowcase on my bed. I’d love to lay my head down on such an adorable shark pillow every night! I don’t think alcherry_3 would be willing to give it up, though. Oh well, I’ll just have to try to find my own shark fabric and make one, I suppose… *grumble*
And speaking of heads and sharks, are we going to mention the cute knitting shark currently chomping on this baby’s head? No? Okay, then, but I do have to say that lelyonna‘s mini take on the shark hat almost makes me want to be a baby again so I could wear one. Almost. If I could be a baby that could knit…
…and crochet, because even though you’re a tiny shark, you still deserve respect during shark week. Even if, fine, you’re not a true shark. You have shark in your name, and you’re shark-shaped, and you are just adorable not to include! Swim on, tiny shark! This little guy was crocheted by megan+mary free-forming using real bala sharks as a reference.

Sorry about the duplicate Shark Week posts, but I really, really, really love Shark Week…

A Key Component

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What is the key to unique art? Using things in interesting ways. Here are a few projects where people used actual keys in art, with beautiful results.

bookstorebabe made key pendants to fantasy locations like Camelot, the Tardis, and the castle of Emerald City. These necklaces definitely unlock your imagination.

Embellished keys are pretty in their own right. bunny1kenobi used jewelry findings to make these beauties.
And here’s a great use for embellished keys: yzzilnoaj attached altered keys to the top and bottom of a lampshade for a unique look.
Tidbits_Trinkets used hardware to help accent her key on this steampunk necklace.
Keys can be used to embellish all sorts of art. Here’s a detail of a scrapbook page by mrogers1, who also used buttons and ribbons on this great layout.

What’s the key to your beautiful art? To see more projects using keys, click on the Craftster tag “key“.




Meatless Monday: Bananas Foster Butter

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Have you tried Bananas Foster before? It is a decadent treat involving fire, bananas and ice cream. What more could you ask for? While catching your food on fire and eating ice cream is a treat; it might not be the thing you can do every day and you can’t eat it on toast or a biscuit, can you? Craftster member Mistress Jennie’s recipe for Bananas Foster Butter is the perfect way to have this fancy dessert every day. This recipe is great for those who are just entering the world of canning. Make sure you whip up enough for everyone because once your friends get a taste they will be begging for more.

Canning doesn’t have to be scary, our Cooking Board is a great place to check out tips and recipes. Don’t forget to share your own fabulous recipes! We want to hear from you!

Shark week is coming!

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Do you know what’s coming up? Oh yes, SHARK WEEK! And in order to honor it, I think we need a round-up of shark posts! I also need to get my shark-themed party supplies out (even if it’s just me and my Little Visitor at the party!). I”m not sure if I’ll go all-out in shark costume, like Rusty did for one lucky little boy, but I’ll certainly have on my shark t-shirt and socks!
And I do have a shark tote, currently shleping around a Research Project for the Nerd Games, but it’s not as cool – or handmade – as this lovely creation by Kuruku! Maybe when my tshirt wears out I’ll turn it into a handmade tote…
Oh, the hits keep coming, because I don’t even like that t-shirt as much as I like this one made by ratjen37! There’s just something about the personal touch that makes handmade things so much better, don’t you think?
And my popcorn in my shark bowl will be a hollow consolation prize when measured against this amazing shark cake by bizooey”. And yes, I could finish that entire cake on my own, thank you very much! Though if it were chocolate I might have to share it. But only the tail. Maybe.

Shark week is not going away anytime soon, so we definitely need more shark projects to feature! Plus, sharks are just awesome. Who wouldn’t want to make a shark craft?

@Home This Weekend: Frugal Floral Wreath

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This weekend, make a bright floral wreath and decorate your front door. brightshadows purchased the faux flowers from a Dollar Store, so this project is economical as well as beautiful!



July 20th: National Moon Day

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National Moon Day commemorates the day when man first walked on the moon, back in 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin captured the imagination of the entire world with their journey, but the moon has always inspired artists and crafters to create beautiful works. Check out this fantastic collection of moon inspired crafting, and maybe create something of your own!

If you believe that no craft is complete without glitter, you are certainly a Craftster after member Knickertwist’s heart. Her lovely shrines always contain a bit of sparkle, and often the man in the moon makes an appearance too, as he does in this Little Moon Shrine.

Any quilter will be sorely tempted to try their hands at the Moonglow Quilt created by cyndiq in rich shades of purple, blue, turquoise & teal. The use of black backgrounds truly helps the colors glow in this stunning quilt.
I’m always astounded by the work of our papercrafters, especially at their ability to create art in small spaces like ATC’s, inchies and twinchies. Mountains and Clouds used acrylics and mediums to create a beautiful series of dimensional Moon ATC’s.
MissingWillow embroidered an homage to moon in her beautiful Phases of the Moon Scarf. The warm wool is sure to keep you cozy on winter nights spent observing the heavens.
If you’re looking to add a touch of boho aesthetic to your home, try your hand at creating a dreamcatcher. Mistress Jennie’s Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher uses metallic embroidery thread, yarn, ribbon, and other fibers for lots of texture.
Beethoven was inspired by the moon to write his immortal Moonlight Sonata… which in turn inspired artist Chr1stChan to create his gorgeous painting.

Special thanks to Mistress Jennie for an out of this world blog post!

Tute Tuesday: Neapolitan Ice Cream Scrub

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You just got invited to the biggest pool party of the season. You have the perfect swim suit, your beach curls are to die for, but oh lordy, look at those legs! Sweetheart! You need to polish those things up! Don’t cry sweetie! Craftster member EmmyFNWL has just what you need with her tutorial for Neapolitan Ice Cream Scrub. This scrub will not only give your skin a beautiful glow but you will smell yummy enough to eat. If ice cream scents aren’t your thing, you can switch it out for your favorite scent of just leave it plain. It it totally up to you. This scrub also makes an excellent gift any time of the year.

You are beautiful! Treat yourself to other tutorials and tips from our Bath and Beauty Board. Have an amazing Tuesday!

Finding Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo (1907-1654) was a Mexican painter whose folk art paintings, often self portraits, mixed realism with fantasy. Because she painted so many self-portraits, her image has become iconic, so leave it to Craftsters to portray her image in many ways.

This doll by pilarfarmer is a beautiful tribute to Frida, with her brightly colored clothing and her prominent brow. Details like her jewelry and hair make this handmade doll special.

LovelyMiss created this hanging Frida shrine for a lucky partner in a Craftster swap. Colorful flowers hang from the bottom of the shrine.
Frida even finds herself represented as a dottee by cmarion3.



Frida’s Mexican heritage often inspires people to create shrines in her honor. Stifflersmom used loteria cards, doilies, and beads make this shrine.
mandit1990 made this cute pocket-sized Frida. Even though it’s tiny, it’s embellished with lots of great details.

To view more Frida projects, click on the tag “frida kahlo” tag on Craftster.



Meatless Monday: Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce

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How many of you binge watch TV shows? It’s okay, I won’t judge you. We won’t talk about my Murder She Wrote binge weekend. While you are catching up on your favorite program, you need a tasty treat that keeps you satisfied and helps you stay full for all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Craftster member RedheadwithThread shares her easy recipe for Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce that hits the spot. You can try other cheeses and spices to fit your liking. This recipe is so quick to whip up that it is ready before you can hit the pause button on your DVR. Nachos aren’t your thing? You can use this sauce for macaroni, gnocchi or as a dipping sauce for veggies.

From snack time to a sit down dinner; our Cooking Board has recipes for any event. Have fun with your food! Happy Monday!

@Home This Weekend: Thermos Lamps

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This weekend, make a unique lamp for your home! TheMistressT used vintage thermoses to make these fun bedside lamps for her guest room. Craftsters have used all sorts of creative things to build lamps with; click on the “lamp” tag to see other great lamp ideas!


July 12, 2017 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by kittykill. We hope you enjoy them!

Strawberry Gathering Apron by pottermouth

Dairy Free Coconut Watermelon Ice Cream by MareMare

Sweet treats for my sweetie by craftylittlemonkey

Table Runner by meleriffic

Fused Glass Wall Tire by joby560

Sunburst Mirror by Luna1375

Cherry & Plum Blossom Kanzashi by appledainty

Fused Fabric Puppy Portrait by ChameleonHound

Rainbow Fish Hoop by roler

Mini Christmas Scene by lindyv321

Panda monium quilt by Eowynt

Frida Kahlo by Helena Puck

4×6 Mixed Media “Original Highway” by BigBangMomma

Heart Shaped Game Controller Pillow by audio

Christmas Hutch by MissingWillow