Oh, You Beautiful Doll

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Dolls come in all shapes and sizes. There are cute dolls, realistic dolls, and even almost-ugly dolls. I love ’em all! Craftster is full of all kinds of dolls. Here’s a sweet sample.

Aw, this little cutie by EmmaIrlamCrafts is playing dress up. How cute is she, with her fancy frog hat?

These burly men are anything but cute; they’re downright buff. FoxyBlue gave them manly facial hair and fun tattoos. Wouldn’t it be great to have a man like this around the house?
This gal should put a smile on your face! Her bright red hair and her sweet outfit are just adorable. gigglygirl gave her some whimsical polka dotted stockings to go with her turquoise outfit.
Yippee ki yay, this cowboy doll by meleriffic will wrangle his way into your heart. Ride ’em, cowboy!
pottermouth made this rag doll inspired by Junker Jane. Not your average cutie pie doll here, but oddly lovable nonetheless.

If you’re a fan of dolls of any type, go see what Craftster has to offer by clicking on the “doll” tag.


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  1. SevsOnlyGirl says:

    I love handmade dolls, I can’t pick a favorite, but the burly men make me giggle.

  2. LovelyMiss says:

    They are all so unique and wonderful!