Oh So Discrete

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I love it when I find perfect fodder for the Crafts Gone Bad category!

My hats off to Craftster member mmmfruit for being cheeky enough to whip up a cozy for a tampon.

This reminds me of those ridiculous TV commercials where a “Oh No!” a tampon falls out of a girls purse. And then some guy picks it up and assumes it’s a piece of candy or something and everyone “in the know” gets a big chuckle. I wonder if those commercials are by the same people who make the Mentos commercials?!


mmmfruit is a super-talented crocheter and has all kinds of amazing crocheted items you can buy on her website: http://shop.mmm-fruit.com/

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  1. karen says:

    i think that is a well thought out plan to hide the tampon

  2. Mia's Momma says:

    Ha that is so funny and cute. I wish I would have had one in high school when I was all shy and
    sneaky about tampons. Now I am married and they proudly sit in a big box in the bathroom. Cute idea

  3. C4R0L1N4 says:

    I just thought i should mention that whoever makes the Mentos commercilas are geniuses!
    They always cheer me up!

  4. danny cruz says:

    oh, that’s why it’s so sad to live in south america. i’m from brazil and it’s damn impossible to afford all the shipping taxes that i would never ever understand. =~
    and it’s hard to find a crafty friend around this country!

    btw, i l-o-v-e- this blog. keep on craftyin’!

  5. kittydean says:

    These would make GREAT stocking stuffers!!! Also Great for white elephant parties. …and useful too!

  6. Jane says:

    I finally can say that I found a perfect bag for all kinds of private stuff 😉

    Thanks for the laughs

  7. spurtiic says:

    Ha… I LOVE these! They look awesome. I must make some of my own. They’re just too cute and funny.

  8. Kristinnnnnnnn says:

    this is brilliant
    it makes me giggle 😛

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