Not Your Ordinary Pillows

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I’m in the middle of remodeling my bedroom and bath, so of course I’m going to need new bedding. I’ve just recovered some pillows for the bed, which inspired me to head to the tag cloud and see what other Craftsters have done along the lines of making pillows. I’m not doing anything nearly as ambitious as these, although I did pick out some fabric I just love, and I learned how to make my own welting. Here, though, are some awesomely inspired, one of a kind pillows:

Although it looks exactly like a tree stump (especially because it’s pictured in the yard!), this pillow by thisbirdsabsurd is really more like a soft sculpture! I’ll bet it’s a comfortable perch, or a great place to prop up your feet.

FoxyBlue handpainted this beautiful affirmation pillow, which reads “thoughts become things”. She included a pocket on the back so she could slip in hard copies of her affirmations.
orangeyouglad made several of these screenprinted cat pillows using an image of her reclining kitty. Hilarious!
A beautiful gift from imrahil for her friends: a bright and cheery embroidered wedding pillow. I know this is something they’ll always cherish. 



When MrsBowles’ stepbrother jokingly requested a pillow with this quote about manliness, she stepped up to the challenge, creating this cleverly nerdy “Manliness is a complicated set of principles” quote.

There are so many great pillows posted on Craftster. Click on the tag “pillow” to get inspired.

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    true genius I love it!!!

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