Not What It Seems

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Don’t be fooled; nothing posted here today is real. They’re all magnificent fakes, made by talented Craftsters.
Fancy a corn dog? These look delicious, but in reality, they’d break your teeth! They’re actually tiny polymer clay earrings, made by beautifulpirate.
No need to call PETA! This taxidermy squirrel head was needlefelted by Knickertwist. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this project.
Remember Beetlejuice? The Handbook For The Recently Deceased was almost required reading. You can’t read this copy, though, it’s really a decorated box by phoenixfiredesigns.
No need to worry about over watering these succulents, and they’ll never freeze in colder weather. craftylittlemonkey crocheted these no-maintenance houseplants.
Oh, no! POO! Oh wait, this is all about faux things. Thankfully, this is not smelly poo, it’s actually a fresh smelling cinnamon stick, created for fun by morglanc.

I’m so relieved.

There are lots of faux projects on Craftster. If you can make it, you can fake it!

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