Nine Great Sewing Projects for Beginners.

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Learn to Sew One of our most frequently asked questions around Craftster is: “What’s a good beginner sewing project?” Quite frankly, there are LOTS of great beginner projects! We’ve compiled a list of 9 great tutorials you can use to walk yourself through those early stages in your sewing education. Our intention is to lead you through all 9 tutorials, learning a new thing or two with each project and getting a fun, useful item each time. You can go in order, or skip around if you like.

All of these projects will use a sewing machine, sewing scissors, and thread. Some require an iron, which is a great tool to have around anyway! Any additional required materials will be listed underneath. If you’re so new that you’re not even sure how to load your bobbin, check here first! Other than that you’ll just need to know how to set your machine to a straight stitch, as that’s the only stitch these 9 projects use.

Ready? Get sewing!

Easy Felt Garland Tea Towel Pillow Cover
Use this to: Get comfortable with your machine, Practice your straight stitch
Other materials needed: Felt
Use this to: Learn to hem fabric
Other materials needed: Home Dec weight fabric, twill tape
Use this to: Practice hemming fabric, learn to create an envelope opening
Lavender Sachets Pouch Tissue Cozy
Use this to: Practice top stitching, Learn to close a stuffed item
Other materials needed: Lavender
Use this to: Learn about lining, Practice top stitching
Other materials needed: Velcro or a snap closure
Use this to:Practice using lining, Practice creating an envelope opening
Cleaning Mitt D-ring Belt A-line Skirt
Use this to: Learn to follow a curved line
Other materials needed: Old T-shirts
Use this to: Practice top stitching
Other materials needed: D-rings, Iron-on Interfacing
Use this to: Practice hemming, Learn to create a casing for elastic
Other materials needed: Elastic

Be sure to check out Bernina’s blog We All Sew .

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  1. Linda says:

    These are great projects to learn and perfect your skills…also, for more experienced seamstresses, they would make quick and fun gifts!

    I especially love the belt!

    Nice to see such a variety of projects in one spot!


  2. BeachGirlNJ says:

    I used to sew a lot but have not in many years. Just starting to get back into it. These will be fun little projects to re-acquaint myself with a few rusty but very useful skills. Thanks for posting!

  3. Marie says:

    there are great suggestions…i have been addicting to a lot of sewing lately and i could use some of your suggestions here.

  4. Wonderful projects for beginners! Teaching some of the best first steps and popular finishing techniques is really important for taking your skills to the next level 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    Wow.Impressive!I love it all.I can’t wait sew all of it.Thanks for sharing.

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