New Life for a Dead Computer

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Hard drive wind chimes and keychains via!


After …

A windchime!

And a keychain!

thanks Jack!

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  1. craftybeeyatch says:

    Keychain ram is cool too 😉

  2. imamunke says:

    Awesome! I love noise makers!
    There are just so many things that can be done with computer parts! My Husband and a friend run a computer shop and of course inherit dead computers, which they like to shoot (yes, with real guns and real bullets) then they take them apart for the magnets (which I appreciate greatly, free rare earth magnets!) I will pass this on to them so that I might make windchimes and keychains. I did just read something about 3-5 pounds of toxic lead in dead computers, where does it hide?
    Sorry for the stupid long comment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perfect site 🙂 I will recommend it to all my friends and fans