New fangled flash drives bound to get some attention

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Flash drives are important devices for protecting sensitive information or transporting your files, but nothing ever said Don’t be touching my important in-for-mash-ion! like this flash drive – um – cover does.

fetusthumb New Fangled Flash Drives Bound to Get Some Attention

You’re curious, aren’t you? DYING to know?

The crafter was inspired by the cookie cutter they found on Boing Boing and decided that they needed to create this hideous little guy.

fetus1 New Fangled Flash Drives Bound to Get Some Attention

A fetus flash drive.

A FETUS flash drive?

I don’t care who you are – and I am a mother of two little boys who I love UNCONDITIONALLY – fetuses are ugly. Beady little sunken in eyes, disproportioned everything I can’t help my feelings of being creeped out looking at images of them.

But aside from the fact that this is a FETUS – that has a flash drive coming out of its BUTT (which, I do believe, should be coming from its stomach area) – I think the crafter’s (and sorry crafter, but I am using that term lightly) descriptions for creating this thing are nearly as disturbing.

(I couldn’t help but laugh though. Because, well, I’m disturbed.)

(I condensed it just to show the title of each step. You can click through if you’re interested in seeing how to create this beast.)

  • Get the baby making materials.
  • Plan your pregnancy.
  • Sew up your baby.
  • Mutilate your baby.
  • Put an iron on your baby’s face.
  • Stuff your baby.
  • A new kind of child abuse – shove your flashdrive into your baby.
  • Name your baby, ’cause your finished.

So wrong. But I can’t help but laugh – which I really think was the “crafter’s” intentions.

So laugh away!

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