New Eco-friendly Shirts in our Shop!

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We’ve just put up brand new listings in our main shop! You’ll notice a few changes but we hope you like or at least understand them all.

Handmade Is Better ShirtSew In Love Shirt

We’re slowly beginning a switch to more eco-friendly shirts! As we restock, we will move to an eco-friendly shirt which has a higher base price. Because of this we will be increasing our prices on those new shirts ONLY. We’ll then discount any of the remaining shirts of that style. Our new shirts will be $24 each to help cover our increased cost, while the older versions will go down to $18 (or possibly less).

There were many reasons why we wanted to start this change:

  • To support a clothing manufacturer whose ethics are more in line with our own
  • To be more eco-friendly
  • To get away from confusing sizing issues
  • To use a local shop to do our printing
  • We are beginning a switch to using Anvil products as exclusively as possible. Anvil is a great clothing manufacturing company that offers a lot of wonderful eco-friendly apparel options. They also are big on environmental stewardship; so much so that it’s part of their mission statement. They even have an entire website devoted to their Corporate Social Responsibility report. If you want to know more about what goes into making an Anvil shirt, you can even follow the entire process at their special Track My T site. Unfortunately, our t-shirts aren’t trackable but following a random T should give you a good idea of what goes into making your shirt.

    While Anvil tries to be eco-friendly in as many areas as possible, we specifically chose items from their Eco-Collection to use for our shop. The shirts are made from either 100% organic cotton or 50% cotton grown in fields recently switched to organic and 50% post-consumer recycled polyester. I don’t have one for myself yet but I can tell you that just folding them they felt sooo wonderful! Our new print shop also uses phthalate-free inks and soy, citrus, or mineral solutions on their screens which helps keep chemicals out of the environment.

    Switching to Anvil will also help get away from the sizing issues we have with American Apparel. Their shirts run quite small, so to fill the size gap, we were forced to buy Anvil products in the larger sizes simply to make sure we could provide shirts to people of as many sizes as possible. This led to lots of confusion around sizing, with people ordering the size they usually are, not realizing AA runs small and also led to us have two completely different 2XL shirts in the shop! We will be very happy to get to one reasonable size chart!

    We also made the switch away from Mammoth Printing to Replica Chicago. Mammoth is actually a very great company! But they are based quite a ways from where our shop items live (Auburn, AL vs Chicago). In an effort to boost an economy slightly more local and reduce shipping, we chose to go with a wonderful small business here in the city. Lyn and Jeremy of Replica have been great and have made us some awesome shirts!

    You can see our new listings here:

  • Handmade is Better on an eco-friendly tee
  • Sew In Love on an eco-friendly tee
  • And get deals on our left-over tees here:

  • Sale on previous version of Handmade is Better tees
  • Sale on previous version of Sew In Love tees
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