New Blog Authors Added

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Two of Craftster’s global moderators are now going to be contributing to this blog. The new authors are kategirl and girlypirate. Hooray!

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  1. carry says:

    I think that some of your crafts are just redicules and frankly ugly. I wish the “crafters” would take a little more time put a little more effort into devloping GOOD crafts that folks of all ages and genders can relate to. I would like to get good ideas of what to make and I wish others felt the same way! Thankyou.

  2. Emilyflew says:

    How rude! ^

    I’m excited about new contributers to the blog. I check it pretty often, and am always happy when it’s been updated!

  3. Effylicious says:

    Yes, I agree, how rude! In the words of the wonderful, wonderful Tim Curry, “I didn’t make him for YOU!” We craft for ourselves and nobody else–unless, you know, we’re selling them or giving them as gifts. But we don’t craft to inspire you, to instruct you, to show you what to do; we thought these up with our own creativity. You wanna craft, think of something yourself. Don’t insult the people here. This is anot a site of tutorials and howtos and professionals, this is people sharing their ideas and creations, in hopes that maybe someone will appreciate it, or if anything, simply to brag. We don’t “develop” crafts. We just make them as we see fit, to our OWN tastes. Yes, they may be ugly, and yes, you may not be able to relate to them. Tough cookies. That’s how art is, sweetie. Welcome to the world of art.

    And it IS art.

  4. aprilkiss says:

    what does “redicules” mean??
    is that supposed to be a bastard form of “ridiculous” that is completely new to the rest of us??
    it is always good to spellcheck when you’re insulting people.

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