National Accordion Awareness Month!

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Crocheted Accordion Did you know that June is National Accordion Awareness Month? Obviously it’s an under-appreciated instrument, as I was only able to find this one representation of an actual accordion on Craftster! It is a stunning representation, and was obviously an amazing amount of work, but why does it seem like no one but librarylolita is showing the accordion any love?
Accordion player photograph There was another accordion piece, but sadly the picture has been deleted. Or maybe for the better, it did involve clowns and I don’t know how to do a clown-phobia warning on here. There is, however, this lovely photograph taken by LanaTurnerSmile that shows an accordion being played – check out the rest of her photographs in that post, too, she was playing with a Holga camera, and they produce very nifty images!

So, next year, lots of Accordion love, right? Otherwise I’m going to have to try to figure out what “Fight the Filthy Fly Month” is and do a post on that…

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  1. stillatthetop says:

    I am still ticked off with things. We have foodies, but the mods will not allow me to post a music thread.

    Instruments are art. Music is art. That is an amazing “fake-o” of the accordion you shared. I have played with one before. They are fun!

    I am a professional clown, but yes, clown phobia abounds. I have gotten it many times. For people who just can’t seem to get over things.

    Damn Stephen King and his “IT”


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