Name that Craft/Craft that Name

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Wren Name and initial crafts are practically a must for the modern nursery. Other versions are also very popular with tweens, teens and adults, making them a great gift for any age. It’s all about matching the personal style of the recipient. You can create a personalized one-of-a-kind gift that not only says the name of the recipient, but also reflects their style and individuality.
Amy Amelie August

For a newborn it’s the child’s first personalized item. Since many parents are choosing unusual names and spellings, handmade may be the only way to get a “named” item for the new family member. Names are such an important part of identity that parents often agonize over the selection (and well meaning friends, family, and acquaintances often have their own strong opinions!). For an interesting look at the most popular names in the US by year, the government makes this database available. It’s fun to look at how popular names change and return over time (while others never leave the list).

Alex Emily Hamish Ashton

For kids learning to read felt name books can teach letters and the spelling of their name in a fun and personal way. It’s great to think of unusual words for each letter beyond the usual apple-zebra. You can use a theme (animals, family members’ names, fruits, sports, anything you can think of!) or more random interesting words. Another good idea is to make a name book with facts about the child. For older kids and adults name projects may include door or wall signs, family surnames, photo frames, desk plaques, and more.

Sage Sianni Zoe

Whatever your name is, it is a symbol of you, and it’s always fun to see your name in lights…or paper, fabric, wood, paint…

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