My name is Octopussy.

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What the WHAT!?

I can’t stop staring at those eff’n eyes. They seriously skeeve me the frig out.

I think I want this chandelier in the hallway outside my kids’ rooms.

Yes. I said chandelier.



From the listing:

This octopus chandelier is made from sculpted arms and head, she has pink albino taxidermy glass eyes, pearl encrusted body covered with vintage and new pearls, scallop shells, pink pearl candles and painted with pearlized paint. She measures about 42″ diameter and is about 14″ tall.

Dude. Those eyes? ARE HUGE. I’d like to know what kind of *things* taxidermist are taxiderming that would needs eyes that ginormous AND ALBINO.


Come hither my pretties. Come feast among my shiny pearl-like eggs.

(or egg-like pearls? Whatever.)

And now ‘Octopussy‘ will forever have a whole new meaning to me.

P.S.? How could ‘someone’ even name a movie that an it not be shot down immediately by those people who suck all the funny out of movie titles?

P.P.S. I can’t not giggle every time I say Octopussy.

P.P.S.S. Am twelve.

Thanks Pam D.!


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  1. Holy COW! That’s fugly! Got my attention, tho’ didn’t it? LOL!

  2. Cyndall says:

    I want to see what the rest of that persons dining room/home looks like. It’s got to be chock FULL of oddities!

  3. Beph says:

    Maybe if it had a kinder expression it wouldn’t be so bad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well I like it! I’d love that hanging in my library 😀

  5. rain says:

    Is that an Adam Wallacavage chandelier?

  6. rain says:

    Nope its not! You might want to cover the person who originally made these (and better). They have the same style tentacles, pearls, and shell shaped light holders.

  7. Anna says:

    Damn, I thought it was a fan.

  8. SFLAG says:

    Are you kidding me? I LOVE it! If I had the cash, that squirmy puppy would be in my dining room.

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