Mr X Stitch presents Beefranck’s Emporium: Movie Magic – October 14th, 2009

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Over at Mr X Stitch we’re blessed with the services of Beefranck, the Queen of Ironic Stitching, who curates the terrific “Emporium of Embroidered Excellence and Splendiferous Stitchery”. Each week, these posts explore themes expressed through embroidery, and they’re ace.

So without further ado, I welcome you to…

Today we’re going to look at needlecraft inspired by movies. Pop some corn and let’s get to it!

Donnie Darko inspired this cross stitch by ponyinarope. The fact that the phrase cellar door is considered by some to have the most beautiful sound in the English language is discussed in the movie. This is definitely a very beautiful interpretation of the phrase.

Ah, The Ring. Samara is one of the freakiest, creepiest characters to come along in years. Let215 captured the feel of the film in this stitch. Take a look at the large size here.

Hannibal Lecter seems slightly less threatening in mouse form. House of Mouse made this version of the famous cannibal from Silence of the Lambs.

This one is for you, Bruce Campbell fans. This was made for a fan of the Evil Dead movies by K0dama.

Kittyzilla made this lovely tribute to Snakes on a Plane – a movie that is a triumph of the human spirit if there ever was one.

This embroidered version of a classic scene from Pulp Fiction was created by Bev Cort. It’s nice to see the Boxer highlighted instead of Jules – although Bev did a tribute to Jules as well, and you can see that here.

This one is just so sweet. It’s a quote from the movie Juno and was made MicheleLeigh.

This labor of love is a quote from the movie Waiting for Guffman. This particular quote features the sweet but vapid Libby Mae describing her work at the Dairy Queen. Thanks Spamberly, this made me almost giddy when I saw it.

Last but certainly not least, B Zedan‘s Triology Meter. She took the major movie triologies, rated them, and converted their rating into cross stitch. I love the overflow effect she’s given some of them, as well as the negative draining effect she’s given to others. Brilliant!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these movie masterpieces!


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  1. MizP says:

    I love it! But shouldn’t it be Star Wars, not Star Trek?

  2. Lisa K. says:

    They’re all wonderful, but Hannibal Lector Mouse just flat out does it for me!

  3. Beefranck says:

    Hey MizP – she covered Star Wars AND Star Trek. 🙂