Mr X Stitch Presents: Beefranck’s Emporium – Marine Beloir

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Over at Mr X Stitch we’re blessed with the services of Beefranck, the Queen of Ironic Stitching, who curates the terrific “Emporium of Embroidered Excellence and Splendiferous Stitchery”. Each week, these posts explore themes expressed through embroidery, and they’re ace. So without further ado, I welcome you to…


Hi everyone! This week I wanted to take a look at the work of Marine Beloir.

Marine is multi-talented. She makes awesomely detailed plushies, like Kiki here…

…as well as weird and wonderful embroideries like this one, entitled Guns Don’t Kill – Lazers Do!

Cats in unusual circumstances seem to be a favorite theme for her lately, like this feline in Vortex.

She also stitched this French version of one of Mr X Stitch’s favorite cats, Keyboard Cat. This version has a sense of… ennui, I think.

These guys are a couple of nerds, according to her blog – cute, cuddly nerds. 🙂

Marine’s works can have a little bit of a dark side, as this poor bunny illustrates.

Some of the things she makes can be worn, like this fantastic pin.

Or this giant plush head. COME ON, how cool is THAT? 🙂 Seriously, I’ve got a huge craft crush on Marine. Go check out her flickr photostream and her blog and I bet you will, too!


Beefranck is the Queen of Ironic Stitching and is responsible for a lot of stuff on, the number one contemporary embroidery and needlecraft blog on the planet.

She can often be found hanging out in the Phat Quarter group on Flickr and co-hosts Emergency Pants, a podcast that is not for the faint hearted!

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